Sarcastic Statements Hitting Hard With The Truth And Breaking Judgments About Others!

Published on: 14/05/18 12:43 PM

Who Said What You Heard Was The Only Truth?

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Let’s face it, pal. It’s time we give the respect that was always worthy of attention. These sarcastic statements can hit you hard on your face if you have been judgemental about others. What are those truths that you should know by breaking those stereotypes?

1. I am a Woman and I Know How To Drive!

Sarcastic Statements - Women's Can't DriveSource

Who said a women cant be a great driver? She is not less than men in any manner, dear society. Her understanding about driving is as good as yours and she can give you a tough fight.

2. I Love Pink and I Am Not Gay But I Am A Man!

Men can also be a lover of pink just like most women can love blue. Who said blue is for boys and pink is for girls? If someone said that to you, don’t believe them, its a trap to develop inequality between gender.

3. I Am A Working Mother Yet My Kids Are Raised With The Best Upbringing!

A working mother is always red circled for not giving attention to her kitchen or family. As she chooses to earn and do things most women can’t opt for doing after marriage. And can raise a good family with good upbringing despite being a working mother.

4. I am a Man and I love Cooking!

Stereotypes - Men Can Also Cook its not women's territorySource

The kitchen is not the sole responsibility of women. So stop linking women with the kitchen as a guy could be fond of cooking, not necessarily a girl. A man can cook for his wife too. Why not? Is it mandatory for a girl to cook? She can also be an ambitious girl that has good business knowledge. As not all girls dream to be someone’s wife or chef for a man for the rest of her life.

5. I am a Women and I love Cricket!

Women can also be a bigtime lover of cricket. So digest the fact that she could hold more knowledge and interest about cricket, players or even future matches that you barely know about.

6. I am Famous for my work and humble by nature!

Some people don’t find themselves wrong about asking lame and obvious questions to a famous person. And then complain about not getting reverted. Grow up, pal..! Some people talk with you not all are arrogant some are humble by nature. But that doesn’t give you a right to keep bothering them to revert to you. As they have a busy life and important matters that need more attention than your lame questions like- Hi, How r you? What do you do? What are your future plans? What’s up? Are you single? etc.

7. I Have Principles And I Am An Interesting Person!

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Just because I have principles doesn’t mean I was born in restrictions. Nor I am boring by nature. I am an interesting person that can cheer your mood like a blow of fresh breeze.

8. I Am A Writer And I Don’t Drink Or Smoke!

Why can’t a writer be real with feelings, are their no real authors, poets or writers? They exist. It’s just that they could write well without falling into hazardous addictions like drinking or smoking. there are authors that never tasted alcohol nor have puffed a cigarette. They can hate drinking or smoking too. For encountering real emotions you don’t need the support of these addictions.  Not necessarily all people from the same profession are bound to be look alike. As its a persons call not a protocol of that profession.

9. I’m a Doctor and I Have A Good Handwriting!

A doctor can too have a good handwriting. Who said good handwriting doctors don’t exist? They exist. So deal with it, instead of mocking and stereotyping about every doctor.

10. My best friend is a guy and I am not sleeping with him!

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A girl and a guy can be best of friends. They share a comfortable space with each other that allows them to confide secrets in each other. But that doesn’t mean she has slept with him. No, not necessarily. Grow up, bro!

11. I am a modern woman and I love wearing traditional clothes.

Being modern women that are broad-minded but that doesn’t mean I should dress up in short dresses. I can be myself even after wearing traditional clothes, and still be a modern girl! Don’t stereotype a woman with clothes as a modern looking women can be narrow-minded and a women wearing saree can be broad-minded.

12. I Am Rude to Some Boys But I don’t have Attitude!

I am a girl that hate rubbish talks so I am rude to people who talk crap with me. But that doesn’t mean I have an attitude. I don’t have tolerance to crap and it doesn’t mean I have an attitude if I project your mistake on your face, expressly.

13. I’m an artist and I am surely not unemployed!

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An artist is never off-duty. They are busy creating something or the other. But the only difference is they don’t get paid instantly. But that doesn’t mean they are unemployed as they are still employing their skills into making something new that is never made by anyone before. So its wrong to tag them unemployed. As they are creating their own employment with their creativity.

14. I am a woman and I got promotion on my caliber not affairs with bosses!

A women’s promotion on office frontier is often disrespect. As some people, cant diggest a women can rule on her caliber and doesn’t need to sacrifice her self-respect by indulging into affairs with top bosses just for some dollars. No way! A woman who knows her worth will never do such an act as she is confident about herself and her caliber.

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