Most Hilarious Stuff Uttered By Our Dear Nirmala Tai

Published on: 13/02/20 6:26 PM

Funny Goof Ups by Nirmala Sitharaman - #sayitlikenirmalatai


Despite being a well-educated woman, it is obvious that Nirmala Sitharaman has no tolerance for stupidity. This is obvious by the simple one-liners that she slaps on questions asked by people, or journalists. These simple one-liners have become the source of some great memes and jokes on twitter and social platforms.

Today we take a look at some hilarious remarks famously uttered by our beloved Finance Minister.

Ola and Uber: The cause of auto-sector slowdown

Ola and Uber: The cause of auto-sector slowdown - Nirmala Tai Funny Moments

In a press conference in September 2019, Nirmala tai attributed the cause of the slowdown of the auto sector to millenials, and their preference for Ola and Uber, rather than buying a vehicle themselves. According to her, automobile industry is under stress because of “the mindsets of millennials, who now prefer to have Ola or Uber rather than committing to buying an automobile”.

That may be true. Our fathers and his friends all had a car in their 30s, while I and my friends have to make do with automobiles on magazines. But come on? That can’t be the only reason…I mean, is the auto sector comprise only of commercial four wheelers or two wheelers.

No GST, no restaurants

No GST, no restaurants - Say it like Nirmala Tai - Funny Moments of Nirmala Sitharaman

“If you don’t want to pay GST, then cook food at home and eat”- this is what our Nirmala Tai had said.

All we want to say is, isn’t there a better way to express this sentiment? Can’t she just say “We already have far too less services and goods for which we can hike tax rates. True, that would be ineffective as well, but at least you’d not be the centre of jokes and memes

I don’t like onions, and I cannot lie

I don't like onions, and I cannot lie - Say it ike Nirmala Tai - Funny Moments of Nirmala Sitharaman

There is some stuff you just cannot say, no matter how outrageous the question itself is. One of those is saying “Main itta Lassan-Pyaaz nahi khaati hu, Ji, so don’t worry.” This was a reply to a fellow parliamentarian asked her whether onion is an ingredient in her diet. Later she added that she came from a family which doesn’t have much to do with onions and garlic.

Now we know that she gave a direct answer to a direct question, but couldn’t she, knowing that the context of the conversation was of rising prices of onion, have been a little more diplomatic in answering that question?

We wonder….

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