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Say No To Goof-Ups With The Use Of Twist Face Technology !

Published on: 28/06/18 5:37 PM

Dear Goof Up, Let’s Break Up..!!

Golfers Tech - Twist Face from TaylorMade

TaylorMade’s Twist Face Technology Corrects Common Golfing Errors. Bazzel is the Vice President of Product Creation for TaylorMade Golf and played a big role in creating the groundbreaking Twist Face Technology.

Video describing use of this Twist Face Technology:

What Exactly is Twist-Face Technology?

TaylorMade is a Golf Company and an American manufacturer of golf clubs, bags and accessories based in Carlsbad, California, United States. It has made a pretty huge investment in innovation, especially for drivers. The new face technology will feature M3 and M4 Drivers face design for 130 years. “Twist Face” is a technology designed to correct human swing tendency in real time giving golfers a competitive advantage.  Golfers can counteract the high-toe miss (a hook). As the driver’s face has been “twisted” open- loft increased, face opened: high on the toe to help straighten ball flight. similarly, the low-heel miss (a slice) can be counteracted as the face has been twisted closed- de-lofting and closing the face in the low heel area.

Bazzel Added saying-
“The average high toe shot ends up eight yards left and spin really low”
“The same thing on a low heel impact shots spin too much and end up on average six yards right: so 14 yards from high toe to low heel is the difference in the mean of all shots hit in those zones.
With Twist Face, you’re going to go from 14 yards from low heel to high toe to essentially three yards. We talk about game changing innovations…
This is where it’s At.”

Twist Face Bulge and Roll

Twist face has two faces of every driver that is slightly curved. Curve beginning from heel to toe (horizontal) is called as the bulge, while curve from top to bottom is called the roll. A Bulge is responsible for compensating spin on the ball imparted by off-center hits. A hit off the toe will have a left side spin while bulge makes the ball start right than a hit to dead center. While a heel shot will spin right but with the help of bulge, it helps to start from left.

Roll affects the loft of a shot depending on where the ball strikes the face. A ball hit high on the face launches higher and spins less than a center strike, while shots hit low on the face launch lower and spin more.By studying the performance of thousands of shots hit in each quadrant across the face whilst drivers were in the hands of real golfers (who unlike a test robot don’t always have a square swing path), TaylorMade worked out bulge and roll could be improved.


High Toe Shot

Basis the sources it can be deducted that- “This common shot spins really low and it ends up left of the target,” says Bazzel. “So we twisted the toe back, slightly open, to add a little more loft so shots go a little less left”. Twist Face means these impacts have a bit more spin, stay in the air and go less far left. It’s the typical miss Dustin Johnson tries to avoid, by improving the result of DJ’s misses his confidence is higher so he can hit shots even harder.

Low Heel Shot

We’re trying to kill some of the spins” added Bazzel, “so we de-lofted the face a little in this low heel area. This counteracts the shots golfers are hitting, not what a robot does. If you up the spin up a little on toe shots and reduce it on the heel, spin deviation across the face is going to much more consistent. The sweet spot is still center.” This is where Rory McIlroy typically misses with the driver, it’s a scary thought but by cutting spin we improve Rory’s accuracy, spin and distance deviation.


‘Eureka’ Moment

The problem is that golfers don’t bring the face in the square (the face angle relative to the path) every time they hit a drive. Golfers’ face angles change relative to the swing path, and because of that we see the problem that shots hit on the toe end up more left, and low heel shots end up right.

Main Benefits

From a spin perspective, if you can increase the spin on the toe shot, a little more and bring down the spin on the heel shot, your spin deviation across the face is going much more consistent.

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