Say No To Sleepless Nights By Knowing The Reasons Behind This Restless Feeling !

Published on: 3/05/18 5:04 PM

Is Sleepless Night Still A Problem??

We have seen most people complaining about restless nights. But here are some reasons that have been the culprit behind this sleepless feeling. So let’s know them well to not commit these mistakes and open doors for a peaceful sleep.

1-Overheated Body Temperature


The unfavorable temperature of the room can be the cause of sleepless night. As your sleep pattern can get disturbed if your room temperature is tuned either too cold or too hot. Not tuning your room to your body temperature will make you wake up in the middle of the night either sweating or being frozen. Keep a check on your room temperature to have a peaceful sleep and not sleepless night.

2- Mobile Addict


Dear mobile lovers, don’t hang yourself on your mobile phone ditching the beloved bed that always comforts you to sleep. As using your phone extensively at night will stimulate your brain and will make you feel even more active. While your body might be begging for rest but your mind won’t let it sleep. If you use mobile before sleeping you will never fall asleep and will always complain about not having a proper sleep at night.



Stress is undoubtedly the major cause that has made our nights sleepless. Be it anxiety, fear, sadness, depression or any form of emotion that rules our brain or heart that stops us from sleeping. Meditation works best to beat stress in life so practice it, especially when you face a stressful schedule. Positive songs too work as a stress buster that makes you fall asleep in seconds.



If you have skipped food due to some personal dispute-guess what you lost the battle of sleep over anger. If you have a dehydrated body it won’t let you fall asleep that easy. Keep the balance of food and water in your body intact to practice healthy habits to sleep better at night.

5-Irritation In Skin


If your skin is facing some sort of skin irritations or eczema. Families with a history of allergy or asthma face it the most. Consult a dermatologist if the problem still exists.

6-Lack of Work-Out Routine


If you believe you own a great figure then let’s face the reality that you won’t own one. As a fit body has a work-out routine and without a workout, your body is just not worth the tag of the best body. A healthy body has a healthy mind which can let you sleep at night without forcing oneself to sleep.

7-Hight Alchohol Consumption


If you witnessed a great party last night and your body knows it already-congratulations you will fall asleep. But the high alcohol intake will increase the frequency to pee which will make your sleep restless. Best way to deal with it is to avoid drinking before sleeping.

8-Controlling Natural Call


Sometimes your dream sequence goes so interesting that you stop yourself from the natural call. If you tend to stop yourself to pee being in deep sleep you will invite stone formation in your bladder. So never attempt that!! Wake yourself to the washroom and get your body flushed out of toxins to embrace a peaceful sleep.

9-When You Are Sleeping On The Right Side


Many psychologists have tested and have found out the reason behind sleepless night is the wrong choice of the side for sleeping. If you sleep on the right side you will fall asleep as fast as a fresh smell rather than sleeping on left side. So try this to improve your sleep to never feel sleepless again.

10-Bad Smelling Bedsheet


If you are lazy about changing your bedsheet sorry to bring this to your notice that this is the main reason behind not falling asleep at night. If you don’t change your bedsheet in a week’s time you will feel insects building on your bedsheet and sometimes even spider too. So don’t be lazy and change the bedsheet today itself to never complain about sleepless nights.

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