Google Image Result Showing Donald Trump On Searching ‘Idiot’

Published on: 19/07/18 10:01 AM

Since the decision to contest the presidential election in the US, Donald Trump has started to be one of the most searched people on Google. However, he would never have thought that  he would see himself on the top of the Google on searching ‘idiot’

President of United States of America Idiot according to Google Image Results
Image source: screenshot from google image search

Typing ‘Idiot’ in the Google Image Search, the picture of the trump seen above is actually the American blog site of BabySpital,  This site especially works to find out the Ruling people and rumors spread on them.

This site writes in a creative or sarcastic way. It tells about itself but it actually about the person. This site has written about himself,

‘I hate lies. It meant that I hate Republicans.’

‘I deliberately ignored ignorance. This means that I despise sluggish conservatives, who vote on Fox’s fictitious news.

On this site, several articles have been printed on Donald Trump’s ‘stupid acts’. But The question is, however, why the Trump’s face is finally seen in the Google search result?

The answer is that when you type a keyword on Google Images, it first shows those pictures in which the words are specifically placed in the meta tag. This means that thousands of people uploaded the photos of Trump with the words ‘idiot’.

And when you scroll down you will be shocked because you will find the photo of great scientist  Albert Einstein also.

Search Idiot and get Einstein in Google Image Results Weird !!!


If you are more creative and curious to know lot more about these things you can search on google with many keywords and phrase.Because when I searched cartoon character, I saw this…

Weird Google Search Results 2018
Image source: screenshot from google image search

And when I search Dog Cartoon Character, I saw this…

Search Dog Character Cartoon in google Image Results and you would be surprised
Image source: screenshot from google image search results

Have fun!

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