Which Fabric Should Be Worn In Which Season And Why??

Published on: 29/06/18 9:20 AM

Choice Of Fabric…?

Are you are confused bee about the fabric selection for the season? Don’t worry we are here to help you out with the choice of fabric you should be wearing. Its time you leave that zone of being CONFUSED about the choice of fabric because we are here to sort this problem just for you.


It’s a fabric that can make you look sassy and chick if you prefer wearing them in monsoon. As a blend of cotton and polyester will dry quickly in rainy season as compared to other fabrics. This fabric is best worn in monsoon and you can also g for fabrics like- polyester, lycra, and nylon.


Best Fabric for Humid Climate - Cotton

Cotton is an excellent fabric to wore when it’s a humid climate outside, as it helps in maintaining the air flow in the skin for creating a cooling effect to keep yourself dry all day long.


It’s a light fabric that can lift up your style in monsoon. As this fabric dries fast and helps you embrace a lighter you. So go for wearing a georgette kurta or even dress to glam up your look.


A colorful crepe dress can glam up your monsoon so go wearing light colored dresses, shirts or even kurtas. Some are fond of crepe while some are crazy for chiffon dresses. Both are good wear for this season.


Choice of Fabric for Girls in Monsoon - Chiffon

Its a soft and pretty fabric that is most girls favorite and a monsoon fabric. As its breathable and easy drying fabric.


Best Fabric Selection for Summer - Rayon

It’s a fabric that feels like silk and is similar to cotton that is a thin piece of cloth that is cool and airy fabric. And is most worn in summer and doesn’t trap body heat rather absorbs moisture. It’s a cooling fabric that will keep you cool all day.


Chambray Fabric mostly wore in Monsoon


It’s a woven fabric that is a colored yarn. It’s a great fabric to be worn in monsoon as it smells beautiful. This fabric has light colored fabric that doesn’t stick to the body.


Denim - Good Fabric Selection for Every Season

Most people have been confusing Chambray with Denims. But both are a different type of fabrics. Denim is not specific to one season as its a perfect material for every season but not the monsoonwhile Chambray is a monsoon fabric. And as we have witnessed that this piece of clothing makes us look flattering. You can also wear those denim shirts with a pair of round neck or V-neck tees.

Happy Monsoon..!!
And Flaunt Yourself With The Perfect Fabrics Of
Monsoon-like: Chambray, Georgette, C
hiffons, and Crepe
in shades of Light Colours such as- emerald greens, blush pink, orange and sky blues.

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