Set Her Free She Is Still Caged- Things That Frustrate An Indian Woman!

Published on: 16/05/18 9:00 AM

Is She Really Free?

Here is a list of things that frustrate an Indian woman the most. And these pointers defines what an Indian daughter face in her society. Is she actually free? Here are things that cage her despite the existence of a concept called ‘freedom.”

1- Raising Her As Perfect Homemaker


Society has always ensured that females raise to be future homemaker groomed in a perfect blend of values and manners. While males are deprived of this learning. They find a girl with bad habits attractive while searching for a wife they want a “Sarv gun Sampan”?

2- Working Moms Are Judged For Being Super Mom’s

If a woman wishes to work and manage her family at the same time she is being judged.  As super moms are still not accepted for being unique and powerful. As a women’s identity is confined to four walls of the house and she is assumed to be less worthy.

3- She Is Treated As A Showpiece


When considering marriage families forget its so embarrassing for a girl to get rejected for her looks, color, height, weight etc. Are these things important or her heart is what that should matter? Dear parents, she is your daughter so don’t treat her as a showpiece that will show up on every proposal you decide for her. Until a marriage is at a decision-making stage, or kundli’s are matched and both are comfortable meeting each other and want to marry each other, only then such meetings should be arranged and not like this casually.

4- Judgements When She Is Dressed

Restricting her to dress up will reduce chances of rape while teaching a man how to respect her and control himself will end every possibility of this heinous crime to happen again. If she dresses up she is being judged and treated inappropriately.

5- Independence Is Just A Word For Her


Although she is tagged as independent when she starts earning but the reality is she is not granted freedom. From childhood, she is being taught to take permission about her plans and when she gets married she seeks permission from her husband as well. Why is her voice unheard when she says a No?

6- Never Getting A Like From Haters While Criticized For Living Her Life

She is criticised for living a life of a boss. She is never liked for her unique self while judged at every step. Many people wish to see her fall and she everytime gets up and turns out to be a whole damn fire. Some people love your work enough to just criticise it. Even if they love your work they won’t hit like on your post because it’s you who decided to construct her own bridge and never take a constructed flyover.

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