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Shocking 10 Facts That Will change your Views on India- Pakistan Partition!

Published on: 2/08/17 8:39 PM

The India Pakistan partition is probably one of the biggest and the most saddening event in history! Here are 10 Facts About India-Pakistan Partition That You Proba

The India Pakistan partition is probably one of the biggest and the most saddening event in history! It definitely claims a lot of lives as well as riots and separations between two religions which were together! Most of the Indian leaders, as well as the freedom fighters, were up against the partition rules and the regiments which have been the consideration. However, because of all of this, Pakistan became a completely new country on the basis of a religion, while India remained to be secular.

1. Independence Day!

The order of separating India and Pakistan was declared on the same day. However, the Independence day for India and Pakistan was being separated as Lord Mountbatten could not visit both the country on the same date. Hence 14th August of Pakistan and 15th August for India!

2. Partition Considered the Muslim League

According to the sources, The Muslim League has undertaken furious riots as well as violence. The Muslim League demanded that there should be a separate country for the Muslims. Though many people were against this, the separation did take place!

3. Largest Migration of the World

Many might not know about this, but the 1947 partition was considered to be the largest migration of the world where more than 2 crore people shifted together.

4. Pakistan Benefits

Do you know what benefitted Pakistan with the most? Not only 40% of the total Railway lines, but Pakistan was even handed over 2 of the 6 Metropolitan cities. They were also supported by 1/3 of Indian Army!

5. Who drew the Line?

Cyril John Radcliffe, the Law Lord as well as the British lawyer was asked to set a boundary line for India and Pakistan and had a time of about 5 weeks to get this done. Since he did not have any idea about the Geography of India, he did this completely on the basis of religions, casts as well as maps! Many integral mistakes led to bloodshed as well as chaos!

6. Riots after Partition

Once the partition had taken place, there was a huge riot again. This riot claimed more than 10 lakh lives which are indeed shocking. It is known as the biggest riot in world history!

7. Gandhiji

At the time of partition, Gandhiji was present in Calcutta and not in Delhi! He worked with Huseyn Shaheed Suhrawardy and tried to stop the communal killing and tried to confront the rioters!

8. The Border

Though the Independence Day of India is held on 15th August in India and 14th August in Pakistan, the Border was actually announced on 17th August!

9. Astrologers Hired

To make this event a success, Astrologers were even hired to decide an auspicious date for this partition. But since they failed, 15th August was decided as the Partition Day!

10. Jammu & Kashmir

The state of Jammu & Kashmir has majority of Muslims in the state which made Pakistan Believed that it should be a part of their land. However, back in 1947, The Hindu Maharaja of Jammu and Kashmir chose India and since then, there have been a lot of conflicts!