Signs That Eloquently Express Your Best Friend Is Falling For You!

Published on: 25/05/18 2:17 PM

It’s A Spot That Triggers End Of Friendship!

Falling for your best friend is like experiencing mixed emotions of care and romantic relationship. Majority people could balance their friendship with a best of opposite sex while rest fail to do it. After some time they start developing a romantic feeling for their best other. If it’s a two-way deal it’s still acceptable as one-sided feeling will only hurt you. So to avoid pressing the trigger that makes you lose a friend, know these early signs of a blooming emotion. Follow the steps below to see if it’s possible to take it to the next level without ruining the friendship that you currently have. Observe these eloquent signs that express your best friend is falling for you!

Eye Contact

If you see them melting just on an eye contact with you? if yes. Then they might be in love with you. Another thing to cross-check is to look the intensity they hold while staring at you? If its an intense star filled with love know they have feelings for you that they don’t wish to express fearing the loss of friendship bond you both share with each other.

Always Their For Them

Best friends are known to be there for each other be it a good or a bad situation. They’ll listen to all your crab just to cheer you up. But being there for them as a shoulder to cry has a level. If they are extremely dedicated to you than anyone, know their care has stepped up a ladder called love. But with this extream level of dedication towards you is itself a sign they will drop everything when it’s about you.

Body Language


It’s a wise saying- Actions speak louder than words. They will never speak about the attraction they feel for you but their actions are good at betraying their inner feelings for you. The bestie who is falling for you will strive for a physical contact with you unknowingly as an outcome of love. They’ll give you the signs like- holding your hand, wrapping an arm around your shoulders, fighting just to touch you in some way or the other, etc. A person who is sitting with those feelings for you will lean towards you when you say something and will tend to remember the whole conversation while you may tend to forget it. But they don’t. Some go pink blushing, or a bit awkward, nervous, etc when they are talking with you. When you see these signs, know your best friend is already into you.

They Crave Spending Time With You

If you and your friend hang out in groups but are now preferring to hang out alone, it may indicate that your friend might have feelings for you. A sign of being possessive about you and your interest has surpassed the friendship and is heading towards love. They crave for spending lone time with you to know you well and confess their deepest feelings for you.

Green-Eyed Feeling


If your best friend loves you they won’t tell you when they are jealous when someone comes near you, talks to you or establish a bond with you that makes their place prone. But you’ll get to see it with their actions when they go green-eyed and listen about the person you keep talking but deep within they pray to see you both living away from each other. If you ask them whether this person will be good as my gf/bf you’ll be hurt and won’t encourage them rather insult them saying something rude out of jealousy that will make them realize you have something to tell. As love will make you do stupid things that will hint him/her that you don’t wish to see your bestie with anyone else except them.

You Quarrel Like Couples

If you and your friend have an argument that is less trivial and more like an argument. Know there is care pressing the trigger to end the friendship and level up with the deepest feeling you have for them.


“If your bestie is doing this to you, know they have already fallen for you..!! Until its a two-sided affair don’t let it take over a beautiful bond of friendship. As a friendship with a stranger can still let you have a best friend but if you fall for your best friend and everything ends later. You will not only lose the love but it will take away your friendship as well. Even if you try to fix the broken bond it can never regain the charm you both shared with each other earlier. So don’t let romatic feelings take over you until its a two sided craving.”

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