Signs That Can Give You Early Symptoms Of Brain Tumor..!

Published on: 17/06/18 12:30 PM

SIGNS That Can Help You Detect BRAIN TUMOR..!!

Do you know there are some early signs that can help you detect brain tumor? Yes, science has an answer to this question. A list of symptoms that can help you detect whether you are a patient of a brain tumor or not? Let’s read this to understand about it better.

Persisting Headache

Frequent Headaches - Signs of Brain Tumor Wiki

If you suffer from a continuous headache and have observed a tendency that it never leaves you, know that it’s a sign. Meet a doctor and get to know the reason behind this persistent headache.

Speech Problem

Symptom of Brain Tumor - Speech Problem

Our brain performs speech and is responsible for speech modulation. A person that fail at naming objects or finds difficulty in naming is actually suffering from speech problem. Slurry speech of a person is an early sign of brain tumor.

Loss of Vision

Loss of Vision - Brain Tumor Detection

A person suffering from brain tumor fails at recognizing symptoms like- slurry speech and loss of vision called as bitemporal hemianopsia. Its not very easily noticed but if you have been complaining about the loss of vision immediately consult a doctor and get tested about these symptoms.



The muscle movement of our body is governed by the motor cortex of the brain. A person having brain tumor will observe that their arms or legs whether left or right won’t respond the way it used to earlier.

Nausea and vomiting

A person complaining of feeling sick all the time or feels a sensation of uneasiness or discomfort in the stomach. That is backed up with an involuntary urge to vomit might be a sign of brain tumor.

Mood Swing

A person that gets angry or agitated on trivial matters is in radar. As the person prone to fluctuating mood swings might have a brain tumor.

Muscular Problem

Patients suffering from brain tumor find difficulty in walking, muscle weakness, one side weak of body or weakness in arms and legs. They fail to coordinate and face balancing issues with their body.

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