Signs That Prove You Are A Born Genius!

Published on: 15/05/18 5:35 PM

Some Are Born While Some Evolve As Genius!

A genius is a person that has an exceptional intellect or creative power. A person having exceptional skill in a particular domain and can offer the best in that field. Are you a genius in making or a genius already? These people have a knack for something in for a talent or gift from God that is given to them for a reason. Here are signs that might give you a reason to open doors for your personality on knowing you are an extraordinary one.

1- Curious About Everything


You seek answers on the internet and read a variety of subjects. You are often seen performing experiments and don’t settle for simple answers. Moreover, you are never tired of discovering new things.

2- You Are Seen Talking to Yourself

If you are being teased crazy for talking to yourself know that you possess incredible potential in you. when your mind is constantly working you end up working on ideas, problem, and dialogues. The more you speak to yourself for an expert opinion more you are found mumbling to yourself.

3- Reading is Love For You


Many people like reading but the person who is obsessed with reading is a genius. Some genius tends to seek information in one genre only while some aim for reading variety of areas. Readers are tagged as boring but that doesn’t make them one. Actually, they have a bad full of knowledge that can surprise you when exploded.

4- Loves Challenging One’s Wisdom

You enjoy playing logical, puzzle as well as trivial games that ultimately sharpen your memory. Love for sudoku, puzzle or games is common for you like for others its facebook or WhatsApp. They love learning about new ideas and being tested for the same.

5- You Tend To Be Forgetful


Bright minds tend to overweight their memory with intense data saving. As a result, some data flows out of their brain, when they are preoccupied with their ideas and goals. Smart people forget appointments or lose on their memory about keeping things. Forgetfulness is not a sign of a dull human being rather its a sign of a brilliant mind.

6- You Worry And Overthink A Lot

Genius ones always doubt themselves. As they are prepared some things won’t work out. But with the use of their knowledge and idea they can invent an idea that is not yet discovered by anyone. As they are daredevils that don’t fear to fail in life. So they can opt for a path that is never taken by anyone before them. As they are confident about themselves and believe in themselves.

7- A Past Full Of Checkered


You have passed just like everyone has it. But ups and down here doesn’t mean trivial problems like mom asked you to pick a bag when you injured a finger of your hand, etc. Here down denote aches that made your heart shed tears be it a loss of someone close or a traumatizing relationship, unable to trust people, heart aching past, struggle, failure that transformed you, etc. people with checkered past are usually from the creative side. Like- Singers, artists, musicians, authors or writers have encountered emotional turbulence so much, that they opted for emotional expression via creative field. As this kind of people encounter every emotion very deeply because they have actually seen the struggle in life. So if your life is a checkered one and you hold deep emotions know that you are a genius.


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