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Looking To Break The Ice On Whatsapp And Impress Her In Style

Published on: 30/01/18 11:45 AM

Whatsapp Tips to Impress Girl

Psychology Hacks To Impress Her on Whatsapp

Almost every person is using Whatsapp to communicate with friends and family. Some use to stay posted and connected with loved ones while some are screening ways to impress their true love. Many fail when it comes to making a good impression while talking to a girl on WhatsApp. The reason she might choose someone over you maybe your “lacking talent for breaking the ice”. Check these hacks to know her better.

1. Break the Ice

Social Life Tricks - Psychology Hacks To Impress Her on Whatsapp
how to approach a girl on social media


Be Bold to be an icebreaker, she admires it. Don’t let her be the one who always initiates a conversation? Girls love to share but they hate being taken wrong. Don’t let her always start a conversation with you, be a man and have the guts to text her first instead of thinking she should always do it for you.

2. Confidence

 Confidence -Whatsapp Tips to Impress Girl
How To Talk To Women On Social Media


Be confident of the person you are and don’t underestimate yourself. Girls hate people who sulk and undervalue themselves. Talk to her but don’t be an aunt showing off riches as she loves confident men.

3. Stop Sending Volcano Erupting Text

Whatsapp Tricks -Social Life Tricks
How to Flirt With a Girl On Whatsapp


Stop being a Betaal who hangs at her shoulder..!!  please stop being irritating by replying her with volcano text that burst her in anger. These two words have become worst reply worldwide, namely-okay… and Hmm… Girls hate people who reply her with these words after the long text written by her. Respect her words and stop being lazy at reading it. She hates seeing her messages being scrolled without a read. Please read it before replying her anything?

4. Talk To Her not About Her

Talk to her -Psychological Hacks Attract Women
How To Talk To Women On Social Media


Talk to her to know her not to poke fingers in her life. Take the helmet on while poking her as she will kill you with her- “No reply” or even “block you with a smile”.

5. Get A Comfort Couch for both

Comfort Her - Psychology Hacks To Impress Her on Whatsapp
How to Chat With a Girl


Make her feel comfortable when you are talking to her. As being comfortable is the first key to get her better. She will only open up and talk to you when you will give her the comfort zone to share.

6.Be Genuine while Praising Her

Be Genuine while praising her - Psychology Hacks To Impress Her on Whatsapp
Social Media Flirting


A man who is genuine with his complimenting words is more loved by girls, then the one who compliments her every now and then.

7. Give Her Space to Miss You

Give her space - Whatsapp Tips to Impress Girl
how to start a conversation with a girl online


Give her space to actually miss you, don’t always be there for her. let her stay with her bubble and end up missing you when encountering faceoff with her feelings for you.

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