Six Reasons Why Women Live Longer Than Men?

Published on: 5/05/18 3:04 PM

Females Are Born Strong And Here Are Facts That Prove This?

Women are biologically stronger than men and so they tend to live longer than their counterparts. For those who have lived this misconception that women are fragile species that can be hurt easily, should read this carefully. As women are emotionally stronger than man. So they can face any adversity of life without falling into the pitfall of addictions, unlike most man.  As a research has proven that women are bound to survive stress and calamity of life while most men fail at doing so. As a result, they die early. A list of instances that prove why females live longer than males is explained below?

Born Fighter


The way God has designed a female beyond her soft yet beautiful appearance is a stronger HER. She is a life giver and a representation of goddess Durga. Moreover, she can handle problems more tactfully than a boy and that’s what increase her life expectancy rate. As she is a warrior, who can fight all odds to live a longer life.

She is Surrounded With A Network

Friends can either be your savior or your destructor. And if we talk about females she tends to have more genuine friends as compared to males in terms of life lessons. While a male friendship is strong yet destructive as some of them introduce bad habits to their peer circle that reduces the life expectancy of a man. Men lack a circle to share their emotions or pamper them on facing a storm that makes them prone to health hazards more.

Women Take Care of Herself Pretty Well


If we talk about health care, females are bound to take good care of themselves as they strive to stay healthy and live a longer life. While a man is lazy ones who will not strive for taking care of themselves on their own. As they are too much depended on their partner or mother for taking care of them. She ensures to keep a check on her diet and take medicines on time while man avoids going for checkups. 50% males are likely to skip out on cholesterol testing.

Women are less Daredevils

Unintentional injuries like accidents and speedy driving and showing off stunts on road is more common in males, not females. As a result, women live longer being less daredevil while men die from being part of such habits. Not taking precautions while involving in a hazard-prone situation is also a cause of death popular in males. Males are more involved in hazardous health habits like- drinking, smoking etc, that leads to early death of them.

Depression and Suicide


Women tend to get depressed more often than men. It’s surprising, then, that men tend to commit suicide more often than women do. According to the CDC, men represent almost 80 percent of all suicides in the United States. In recent years, suicide rates among white, middle-aged men have increased. In an article published in the journal Men and Masculinities, a Colorado State University psychologist argued this surge in suicides among older white men might be due to men being less psychologically prepared to deal with the challenges of aging.

Heart Disease

Heart disease is the major cause of death for men and women.  Still, women are likely to be away from it while men attract it early. The hormone estrogen helps protect against heart disease by strengthening the walls of the blood vessel. When menopause enters her life, at age 51, (in an average woman) the estrogen levels begin to go down that weakens the walls and starts to form a clot. This can be protected by undergoing a hormone replacement therapy, to help reduce the risk of heart disease in women. But as proven it has now increased the risk of stroke, heart attack, dementia, and breast cancer. While males on being not in control of feelings are unable to face the storm in their life and adopt bad habits that ultimately affects his life.

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