Small but important details we’re sure you have missed in these Bollywood films.

Published on: 6/12/19 4:07 PM

Important details that you missed in Bollywood movies

There are a lot of differences between a movie and a book: while a book can explain in great detail every little aspect, every little emotion, every little train of thought, a film doesn’t usually have the space to do that…

A film has to portray the emotions and the subtext in a visual format: through symbolism, through props, and through cinematography and actors.

Some brilliant directors and cinematographers in Hindi cinema always have been able to successfully use various filmmaking tools to denote certain important moments in films, but there is only so much that a director or an actor can do.

Sometimes, we as audiences also need to pay attention to certain details. But alas, that rarely happens. If we are watching a film for the first time, we’re often so lost in the spectacle of the story that we miss out on a lot of things. And if it is a Bollywood movie, which have a tendency to be filled with drama, colors and more spectacle than you could imagine, well then forget about it….

It is only after watching it for a couple more times we notice some patterns.

Today, we’re going to point out some small details in Hindi movies that you may have missed. So let’s start:


One of the central themes of Ranbir Kapoor-Priyanka Chopra starrer ‘Barfi’ is acceptance; and his is portrayed intelligently in this movie by the sheer brilliance of storytelling and the actors’ talent. In the song ‘Main Kya Karoon’, we get a peek into Jhilmil’s (Priyanka Chopra) life, where we see that her parents and sister are embarrassed of her. This we see when Jhilmil starts singing loudly along with the musician at a party at her home.

Missed Details in Bollywood Movie


Missed Details in Bollywood Films


Missed Details in Hindi Films


Later the story also tells us how Jhilmil finally finds acceptance from Barfi. This we see when Jhilmil dances once again along to the tunes of a stage performance. At this instance, Barfi, who loves her, isn’t embarrassed of her.


Later on, when Jhilmil and Barfi are living together, Jhilmil is watching an infectious folk stage performance and gets excited, and starts dancing. Instead he whistles in joy, which indicates that he accepts her the way she is.

Missed scene from movie barfi


Barfi-Missed-Scene that you wish to see





Devdas is one of the most intelligently and beautifully crafted film of all time, not just in India, but all over the world. One of the many things that made this and all Sanjay Leela Bhansali films special was the minute attention to detail and aesthetics. In fact, Bhansali is one of those people who loves to play with his story and sets by attaching symbolism or foreshadowing to them.

One of these is in the song ’Bairi Piya’ which is an indicator of the cute love and tease relationship that has existed between the protagonists. But in one scene, in the midst of their playful romance, Bhansali skillfully has foreshadowed the entire tragedy that later befalls the couple.

In this scene, Dev (Shahrukh Khan) pretends to read Paro’s (Aishwarya Rai) palm and predicts that she would be married to a rich but old man. In response, the clever Paro pretends to read Dev’s palm, and predicts that he wouldn’t even get married.

Dev predicts that Paro would be married to a rich but old man


Scene that would have probably missed in the movie devdas


Devs prediction of parus wedding scene you might have missed in movie devdas


Later, we see that both their predictions have actually come true. Due to family hindrances and situations, Paro gets married to an old aristocratic widower Bhuvan Chaudhry (played by Vijayendra Ghatge), while Dev dies by the end, unmarried.

Luck by Chance:

This movie was an underrated gem directed by visionary storyteller Zoya Akhtar about the trials and tribulations faced by an actor in his quest for Bollywood stardom. The movie was way ahead of its times in terms of subject, theme and style. The film starred Farhan Akhtar and Konkona Sen Sharma in the lead.

In the last segments of the film, when Vikram (character of akhtar) becomes finally famous, he meets Shahrukh Khan at a party, who advises him to never forget his friends, especially the ones who stood by them before fame. This advice comes in the wake of Vikram losing almost all his friends and well-wishers at the expense of his superstardom.

This scene is very interesting as the man standing beside king khan at this scene is actually his very close and dear friend Mushtaq Khan in cameo appearance.

Scene that you missed in luck by chance movie


Even despite being the biggest superstar on the planet, Khan has never left the company of his humble friend Mushtaq, as he was his loyal friend before he became SRK.


This movie is so amazing in so many ways, that it can’t be surmised in a few words. Especially for women and girls. We keep returning to Rani’s hilarious antics time and again, no matter how many times we’ve learned the lesson (or lessons).

One of the aspects of this film that lends it authenticity is its complete justice to the plot of the movie. Such as when Rani is heartbroken when her fiancé abandons her, she locks herself inside the room for many hours. Finally, when her father comes in to console her, we see a little picture of a little Kangana, taken from her actual childhood.

Did you missed this attention

Now that is attention to detail.

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