Some Bizarre Incidents of the Recent Time That Will Blow Your Mind

Published on: 29/04/18 5:19 PM

Sometimes it becomes too difficult to believe what is going on around us. You may once ignore it if someone says that he has seen the aliens. However, what if you learn that any witch or hag is cutting the braid of women in India and the victims have no knowledge about when did it happen?

This is what we call bizarre and mysterious. Keep scrolling down to know more such bizarre incidents that amazed the world.

The village of twins in Kerala


The twin birth rate in India is very low but still, Karela’s Kodinhi village is a home for over 200 pairs of twins. You may find it weird that every person in this village was born with a twin brother or sister. Many twins in this village are married to other twin girls or boys in Kodinhi. The doctors believe that there is some chemical in this village’s water that is causing such a bizarre phenomenon but they do not have any proof.

A UFO base on Indo-China border


These are not the local inhabitants of the Kongka Pass State which are claiming about UFO sightings in this region, but the Indian Army personnel and ITBP personnel. The soldiers have reported that they have seen the UFOs numerous times in this area. It is a weird news for the world because coming from the most credible sources.

The lake of the skeleton


The Garhwal region of India’s Uttarakhand state is famous for its natural beauty. Many hikers and trekkers visit this region every year for hiking and trekking. What many of them do not know is that the Rupkund Lake (the most famous lake in this region) is actually the final resting place of numerous people. You can clearly see the artifacts, skulls, and skeletons of many people in the lake when the snow melts. Nobody has ever explained who were these people and how did they die.

The braids cutting incidents of Delhi and Haryana


One of the most bizarre incidents of the recent time is braid chopping incidents. Many women in Delhi and Haryana were frightened by some mysterious witch or hag that had chopped their braids. Nothing like this had occurred before and that’s why these incidents got national media’s attention. Many so-called experts came out to explain braid chopping but nobody could offer a valid reason.

The monkey-man of Delhi


People in the national capital were frightened by the Monkey-Man sightings during 2001. Even the police had reported that it was a 4’6″ creature that used to wear only black coat or fur and helmet to hide its original shape. This creature was attacking people in New Delhi and it had gained a huge popularity at that time.

Varanasi’s Muhnochwa


Varanasi s a holy pilgrimage where numerous people visit from all around the world. The sightings of Muhnochwa took place during July 2001. It was a mysterious object that used to scare people in the rural areas around Varanasi. People were describing this creature as a flying object that emits electric shock with lights. Though there were no casualties and serious injuries, this creature had caused a huge panic among the people around Varanasi.

Vittala Temple’s musical pillars


There are several attractions in the Hampi village, but the Vittala Temple is quite unique and astonishing one. This temple is equipped with the Dravidian architecture artifacts. People from all around the globe visit here to see the 56 musical pillars of this temple. Every pillar makes a sound as you tap it and nobody could ever found that why the sound is produced.

India is a mysterious place for the foreigners because they do not get many things occur here. These mysteries, weird incidents, and amazing structures make India an amazing place for all.



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