Some Heroes Don’t Have Capes They Are Called Dad’s- Happy Father’s Day..!!

Published on: 17/06/18 7:59 AM

History of Father’s Day..!!

Fathers Day is a day celebrated to acknowledge the fatherhood and male parenting. Its a day celebrated to embrace the presence of a beautiful support in our life in form of Dad. This Sunday is a day that stands tall to celebrate the love and joy of having a father figure in one’s life. Not everyone notices the presence of a father and so its celebrated across India on third Sunday in the month of June. So, Fathers Day in India is celebrated on 17th June 2018. Its celebrated across India to express gratitude towards fathers on this Father’s Day.

Importance Of Fathers Day..!!

Father’s Day is celebrated to embrace the importance of Him in the family. He is the backbone of a family that is responsible for supporting the family both physically and mentally. It strengthens father and child relationship and open doors to strengthen the love of this special bonding. He is not only a superhero but plays various like- guide, friend, role model, supporter and even protector at times. For daughters, father is an idol person in the world and also the first man they adore. While for sons, father is an idol and the strongest man on the planet.

Do These Gesture To Adore Him And Tell Him That You Love HIM..!!

Let’s celebrate his selfless care and love towards his family and his kids. The best way to give back his unconditional love in some form is to do small things that daddy appreciates. You can do that by making a personalized card for him having a message saying- “I Love You, Papa” is worth more than millions for him.

How to Celebrate Fathers Day

Adopt These Tricks To Make Him Reach The Love You Hold For Him-

1. Try Eliminating Pressure From Your Schedule

Provide dad with a day free from stress and make him enjoy his day more. Make him feel special as a day that is free from responsibilities is a perfect day for him to relax. Let him really relax so that he enjoys his fatherhood some more.

2. Cook And Spend Time

Cook something for him so that he can enjoy a meal made especially for him to make him feel special. If you fail to do that go for a walk, have a picnic, lie in a hammock together, share stories and dreams together. Now that’s a day Dad will really remember!

3. Focus On Him

Instead of planning everything out for him, give him the gift of freedom and choice. Let him make decisions about what to do and how to spend the day. Allow him to cherish the moment by letting him enjoy being a kid again and give his best at it.

4. Recognize Him

Let your father know that you love him and do some cute gestures to recognize his presence in your life. He has faced it all just for you because all he wants to see is to see you smile. So, make a small video for your king to honor his presence. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to please him. As he will be happy with a short note written from the heart as your recognition and love matter the most to him.

Wish Your King A Very Special Father’s Day..!!

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
Because It Takes To Be Extra-Ordinary To Be A Father.. 🙂 🙂
Lots Of Love To All Father On Behalf Of Their Kids.
“Some Heroes Don’t Have Capes They Are Called Dad’s-
Happy Father’s Day..!!”


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