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Sorcerer Arrested For Sacrificing A Six Month Old Baby In India. The Reason Behind The Sacrifice Will Shock You !

Published on: 6/06/17 9:48 PM

A six-month-old baby was allegedly kidnapped and ritually murdered by a sorcerer who promised a man the gruesome sacrifice would grant him a child.

The young girl was stolen from her home in Jharkhand when her parents Subhash and Parvati Gope, slept with the door open to counteract the blazing heat.

Two men, Karmu Kalindi (40) and Bhadohi Kalindi (35) have been arrested after a six-month-old baby was sacrificed. The child went missing in the intervening night of May 25-26 from Choura village under Tiruldih police.

Both of them have confessed their crime and say they buried her body on a river bed. The girl’s body has not yet been recovered.

Karmu, is a Tantrik by profession, who practices black magic, & also the next-door neighbor of the bereaved Gope family. He told  Bhadohi, who lives in a neighboring village and works as a snake charmer, that he and his wife would be blessed with a child if they sacrificed the baby to appease the gods.

Police said the sudden disappearance of Karmu, who is popularly known as Sadhu, raised suspicion.

“We have solved the child-theft mystery. The accused have confessed to their crime,” police spokesman Sandip Bhagat told the Hindustan Times. “The dagger they had used for sacrificing the child has been recovered.”

Villagers said Gopes also visited a couple of sorcerers to seek their help in locating their missing child.

On Friday, they wanted gallows for their child’s killers.

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