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Spammers Accessed Numerous Gmail Accounts and the Account Holders Couldn’t Prevent It

Published on: 24/04/18 7:50 PM

A number of Gmail users got baffled after learning that someone is remotely accessing their accounts and sending spam emails to other users. Gmail features a robust security system but this time it failed. Many users have also reported that their inbox was filled with a bulk of messages sent by their own email account. It was a bit disturbing because some spammers were remotely controlling their accounts.

The users reported on Gmail’s help forum

People used to consider Gmail a safe platform for the official works. Now it seems like spammers can anytime hack a lot of email accounts and start sending spams to promote some products. The users were stunned while all these things were taking place. They immediately reported their this breach on Gmail’s help forum to get the problem solved.

The users informed that their Gmail accounts have two-factor authentication and they have updated their passwords. The Spammers made that two-factor authentication look useless when this incident was taking place. Though promotional emails were sent, none of them include legitimate details about the sender. The emails come with a letterhead that shows Telus (a Canadian telecommunication company). Every user was receiving the same messages which were sent to his own account. Therefore, Gmail did not consider it as a spam.

What is Google saying about this breach?

Google understands that it is a big breach and that’s why Google has solved the problem. The first identified it as a spam and then took necessary measures to ban the spammers. One of Google’s spokespersons has also reported that such events will never occur again. So, Google is trying to sort out the whole issue and now people are worried about this platform.

You might be wondering what’s the big deal if a few emails are sent for promotion. Well, it is a big deal because that’s how the spammers can get access to your email account and use it for promotion and other activities. Google has addressed this problem and you can expect to get better services from Gmail and Google.


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