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Splendid Green Places In India To Go For Forest Therapy

Published on: 26/12/18 3:31 PM

Jungle vibes, trees, greenery… everyone loves this!! Living in a concrete jungle, no one gets much time to retreat themselves. And, therefore, every individual need some green respite in life. We have some really famous names where you can go and receive forest therapy.


This place lies in the mountains by the side of River Baspa and is surrounded with towering pines. The forests around are so dense in some places that even daylight finds it difficult to find its way to the ground. You can book for a stay in this green and magical place.


Another retreat at around 80 km from Gangtok, Dzongu village is like a welcome surprise. Dzongu has a tiny monastery, hidden deep in the woods, hot water geysers, gushing waterfalls, a lake, and some short treks.  Dzongu falls in the buffer zone of the Kanchendzonga National Park, perched by the side of a wildly thrashing Teesta river.


Agumbe is a tiny village in the Shimoga district of the Malnad region in Karnataka. Also known as “The Cherrapunji of the South”, Agumbe pioneers in rainforest conservation programs, trekking, and tourism. It is well known as “Hasiru Honnu” meaning green gold.


Kalpa is a small town in Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh, Northern India. There is a very stunning Kinner-Kailash range that would be surrounding you all the time. This is perhaps one of the most beautiful places in India.


Kudremukh is a popular weekend getaway for denizens of Bangalore for a refreshing experience. Once you visit there you will fall in love with hiking, trekking and waterfall hunts.

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