Why Sridevi’s Death Is An Intertwining Mystery Whose Fire Refuses To Stop?

Published on: 18/05/18 1:45 PM

We Still Can’t Believe She Left For Heavenly Abode..!!

The beautiful actress of B-town Sridevi left for heavenly abode on 24 February  2018,  night in Jumeirah Emirates Towers Hotel, Dubai. Let’s know what led to this sudden death that shocked the nation. Her death news created a lot of havoc leaving us in tears.

What Was Narrated About Her Death?

1-Shridevi was in Dubai with her hubby Boney Kapoor and daughter Khushi Kapoor to attend the wedding of her nephew Mohit Marwah.


2- Sources speak Boney Kapoor flew to Dubai again on Saturday to surprise his wife. On reaching the hotel Jumeirah Emirates Towers around 5.30 he surprised Sridevi.


3-After a random conversation, with his wife Sridevi, he asked her to get ready for dinner. So She got decided to get ready for dinner planned by his hubby.


4-The actress went to the bathroom to get ready; however, she didn’t come out even after 15-20 minutes. Being worried his husband Boney Kapoor knocked the door to check if she is okay. But she didnt respond, that made him even more nervous.


5- Somehow Boney Kapoor managed to break open the door; the moment he went inside, he saw Sridevi lying unconscious in the bathtub. He tried a lot, but she didn’t open her eyes.


6-So he decided to call his friend at the hotel; around 9 pm at night, and also informed the police about it.


7-He informed that his wife suffered from cardiac arrest in Dubai hotel, that led to her death.


8-After the wedding ceremony, all guests returned to their respective places. It is said that even Boney Kapoor left for Mumbai immediately after the wedding on Friday.


9-Earlier that morning, there were reports that Sridevi died of cardiac arrest. But the forensic report of Gulf News proves she died due to accidental drowning in the bathtub. Even Dubai Media Office has given a confirmation that Sridevi died owing to accidental drowning. She went unconscious lost her balance that resulted in her death. The case got transferred to Dubai Public Prosecution for legal proceedings and investigation for a final direction on this case.


And, What Actually Happened?

All we know about her death is that she died on 24 February  2018, due to accidental drowning in her hotel bathtub. If The Reason Of Death Was Accidental Droushing, why did Supreme Court after high court reject Investigation in her matter?

Delhi High Court, In March,
Acting Chief Justice Gita Mittal and Justice C Hari Shankar –
Dismissed the Petition That Claims That-
Actress Death is a Matter of National Interest.”

As Quoted by PTI- Press Trust Of India- The petitioner on inquiry with hotel staff, officials, of the hospital and other people associated with the matter, he discovered something. What actually happened was the extream opposite of what was earlier reported. And due to the presence of extream contradiction, he decided to file the petition for a probe into this matter.

Firstly, Supreme court refused to probe in her matter of death in Dubai, but later, on a plea, but was later moved by a Uttar Pradesh native Sunil Singh. Who claims to have acted as well as directed movies and have run cinema as well as done visual effect in a studio. On hearing Sunil Singh’s Statement about her death, many threats untangled. 

Sunil Singh Said-

“Sridevi Had Rs. 240 Crore LIFE INSURANCE COVER On Her Name In Oman. And Her Death Was Needed To Happen At The Same Place, To Claim Amount. All This Was Plan To Claim That Amount Fraudulently.”

This information has worked as an evidence. As it untangled why she was necessary to be in Dubai and why was she chosen for this conspiracy. Just to earn the amount fraudulently a life was planned for a death trap. Let’s hope her soul gets the justice by getting those culprits punished and kept behind bars.

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