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SRK’s Top 10 Savage Tweets

Published on: 13/03/20 7:50 PM

Savage Tweet Response from SRK

Shah Rukh Khan is known in the world for his acting chops, charming quality and unparalleled success. But on Twitter, he is known for something much more than that…

His savage wit!

Check out his top ten savage tweets when he didn’t spare even his fans.

1) SRK Savage Tweet response 1+1=3

2) #asksrk savage tweet response on looks

3) #asksrk Savage Tweet response from SRK

4)#asksrk “Photoshop looks” savage response

5) #asksrk Dodgy Question

6) #asksrk “21.5 million followers” savage response

7) #asksrk “Mobile Number Milega”, Aadhar Card Photocopy send karoon!


8) #asksrk “Hello Garib”

9) #asksrk “I wanna die in your arms”

10) #asksrk “How is your Knee” LMFAO response from SRK

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