Stay Youthful Even In Your 30’s And Grab A Sprightly Life!

Published on: 22/06/18 11:40 AM

How Many Of  You Complain About Not Looking Youthful In Your 30’s?

Some of us have been complaining about not looking youthful after crossing the age of 30 years. Some people start facing adversity related to their change of skin, body type, aging, and texture. Those who have been into too much experimentation of cosmetics complain about these problems the most. So let’s know what are those food to lead a sprightly life even in your thirties and overcome those skin troubles that steal your peace of mind.

Hair Oil Selection..!!

coconut and olive oil good for healthy hair and keep you young

If you have seen your hairs falling like a snow its time you stop and ask these questions to yourself. Am I actually using the right hair oil for my hairs? Am I washing my hairs correctly or maybe not? If these questions give you an answer as NO, just know you need an oil that prevents your hairs from getting damaged. Try using olive oil or coconut oil to pamper your hairs on your hair daily, to let them experience the charm they lost due to pollution and dust.

Can Toppings Help?

Most of us are inclined towards cheese so much that we end up dwelling in cheezy dishes. You might have heard about the disadvantages but have you heard about its advantages? Every cheese lover would love this if we tell you that its consumption is excellent for your skin health since it contains Vitamin B. Its responsible for maintaining a healthy glowing skin.


We all know that egg is the best supplement to hairs but only a few know about the benefit of Yogurt. As its capable of developing and improving skin health, eyesight, hair, as well as immune system. This product’s consumption helps in digestion and absorption of nutrients.

Few Nuts

Nuts and raisins keeps you young and healthy

Consuming some nuts for daily can help you in anti-aging. Nuts like- cashew nuts, chestnuts, walnuts, and pecans are good for health.  hunger gap with good fats, fiber, and protein, they can help make skin supple, smooth and younger looking.

Green Tea

stay young consume green tea

Aging can stop if you start taking green tea. This is the reason a person happens to age. Researchers think that the antioxidants in green tea are the reason behind a much slower rate.


secret of staying youthful - chocolate

Chocolates are rich in cocoa content as they help in mood change as well. Therefore consumption of dark chocolate or a normal chocolate can help in reducing inflammation of skin when exposed to U rays of sun.



Tomatoes are not only good for consumption but are also blessed with its skin benefits too. The lycopene in tomatoes acts as an antioxidant. It constituent help in acting as an anti-aging agent that also fights the damage of cell and redness of the skin.


Carrots are good in keeping wrinkles away. As its rich in Vitamin A, that is found in carrots, sweet potatoes, mangoes, and green fruits and vegetables. Consuming them will help you maintain healthy skin, healing it, fighting acne, building new skin, and preventing wrinkle.


As its said Apple a day keeps the doctor away is a wise saying. Intake of Apples as a snack can help in providing radiant skin. If you introduce them in your diet you can embrace a glowing skin. Apples are rich in vitamin C that supplement your complexion as well as your hair. These contain vitamin B5 and B9, that solves problems of irritation in the skin as well as acne.



Some researchers have found that papaya can fight against the sun’s damaging rays by acting as a protective shield. As a consequence, its intake, as well as the application, is helping you protect against wrinkles.