Story of a teen : From Obese to a healthy and fit guy – inspiring!

Published on: 20/03/17 12:24 PM


The amazing story of transformation as told and recorded by Anthony S.:

“For anyone who has ever been overweight, you know how hard it is. To always be self-conscious about what people are thinking or saying about you, or wondering if those laughs were about you. But anyone can change themselves, all you need is a strong enough motive to do it. I am living proof of that.”

On my 16th birthday in June of 2009, I weighed 200 pounds. In July of that same year I weighed about 210 pounds. By my 17th birthday, I weighed 215 pounds. At the end of May, I decided to try another diet. I was never able to stay on one for more than a month before this.

Two weeks after I started my diet, I had lost about 10 pounds. I went back to school for my senior year and started hitting the weights and dieting even harder. In September, about 40 pounds had been shed, and my old “size 38” jeans that were formally tight on me were no longer wearable. Things were heating up!

By March 22, 2011, after I lost 80 pounds of fat cut and 5 pounds of muscle gain I weighed 132 pounds.

All that remains of my former self is some loose skin on my stomach and a little fat on my sides. Nothing I can’t handle in time. Like I said, anyone can change themselves, they just need a motive, I found mine and it changed my life.

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