Rules Of A. P. J. Abdul Kalam For A Person Grappling Hard For Success!

Published on: 26/08/18 4:47 PM

A. P. J. Abdul Kalam Rules Of Success!

Each one of us is grilling in our career domain and seeking the help of our mind to find out that success plan for ourselves. But only a few of us have mastered the art of success as they have complied with these 10 rules to find success in their area of expertise. So let’s quickly unwrap those rules given by Former President of India- Dr.A.P.J Abdul Kalam

1. Learn How To Handle Failure

Success Quotes A P J Abdul Kalam

Anyone can handle success, but a person who is constructive and positive at the time of failure is bound to succeed. As few people have mastered the art of handling failure without doubting one’s caliber and credibility.

2. Imagine The Outcome


If you are unable to imagine the outcome you can never succeed in your plans. Every creator has the capability to foresee their outcome and are willing to work for it.

3. Help Someone


A person who is always open to help others and is kind in their gesture deserve to succeed. Who strive to hurt others, ignore others well being and deprive others of what they deserve are bound to suffer and not succeed. Don’t take from them until you can reciprocate it back.

4. Be You


In a world where everyone tried to pull you down, try to be you not everybody else. As they won’t like you being you. Be you and the world would adjust.

5. Learning And Working


Thinking provides knowledge and knowledge helps you be great. Work with integrity and succeed with integrity. A person who is ready to work with ethics without hurting others with their actions will succeed whether you believe in them or not.

6. Have A Dream


You need to have a dream to succeed to work to have sleepless nights for.  As without a dream you are a machine that has no aim and mission to live for. Successful people have a dream, seek knowledge, continuous hard work, perseverance and ready to face problems.

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