These successful people tell how every entrepreneur has a different success formula

Published on: 10/07/18 6:43 PM

In one study it has been said that all entrepreneurs have some same qualities, such as curiosity, innovation, self-discipline, motivation and the ability to cope with stress and solve problems.

World-renowned scholars and successful people have also given some qualities of an entrepreneur.

Aristotle, Greek philosopher, and scientist

List of Successful Entrepreneurs- Arastu


Aristotle (arastu ) has emphasized originality. He said that for the success of any business, it is necessary that the ‘entrepreneur has at least one such secret which no one else is known‘ because doing basic or fundamental work and making innovation is not so easy.


Thomas Alva Edison, inventor, and businessman

Top entrepreneurs in the world-edison


Edison considered the .most important focus He had said that there is no rule of success, it is necessary to do one thing by focusing.


Steve Jobs, Co-founder of Apple  

steve jobs quotes


Steve Jobs had said that the people of this world have created what you see and what you are looking around you. They were not smarter than you. You can change it, make it even better. You can make many things that other people can use. He said that when you try to do something new, you can fail but it will not make any difference if you accept it immediately and improve it and then get into the innovation again.

His spell of entrepreneurship was – “Focus and Simplicity He said that making simple things is a complex task. To make things easier and simpler, it has to work a lot.


Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group

richard branson quotes


founder of Virgin group Richard Branson said that I focused on those things, which I was good at. The things that I could not do properly was handed over to the other. The Virgin Company is running this way. The fabulous people are running it. I know to keep my creative thinking in it.

Marissa Mayer, Yahoo CEO

Successful Entrepreneurs Quotes-marissa mayer


Yahoo CEO Marisa Meyer says that I always did that work, which I was not ready to do initially. I believe that we go ahead in the same way when you feel that you can not do this work, then surely try step by step to do that work, you will definitely get the success.

Michael Dell, Dell technologies founder

michael dell quotes


Dell technologies founder Michael Dell considers dream matter most. He said that if you want to do something different from the crowd then Stay mad. Do what you want to do. There is no need to get too much advice about it. You just listen to your heart, you will definitely get success. You do not have to be a genius, a visionary or a college graduate to succeed. You just need a framework and a dream. Dreams are the only way to success.

Mark Cuban, Investor

Success Stories -mark cuban


Investor Mark Cuban says that do the work, work differently. Think separately. Do not let your hopes go unnecessarily. I like to compete in life. Business is like a game for me, in which I like to win. I try to do everything every time in a new way to know what is my actual potential.

John Francis “Jack” Welch, businessman, and author

John Francis- success mantra


American businessman and author John Francis Jack Welch also said similarly. He said that the good business leaders develop the vision. They keep on this and work continuously to fulfill their purpose.

Steve Wozniak, Apple co-founder

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Apple co-founder Steve Benzoque emphasizes working for change. They believe that if you love whatever you do, then you can succeed in your life. Whatever you do in this way, it will be useful for your life. If you do any work for salary or awards, then you can not do something big in life, but if you do any work for change in your life and others, then it will be meaningful work.

Lucius Annaeus Seneca, Roman philosopher

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Roman philosopher Lucius Sonaceus Seneca considered the ‘knowledge of direction as the most important.’ He had said that if the sailor does not know which coast to go, then it does not matter what the wind’s attitude is.

Peter Drucker, writer, and management consultant

entrepreneurs quotes -peter drucker


American writer and management consultant Peter Drucker had said that Entrepreneur is always looking for the change. They always see the change as a big opportunity.

Charles Darwin, naturalist, geologist and biologist

Entrepreneurs Stories -Charles Darwin


Charles Darwin had said that the most powerful breed is not always maintained nor the most sensible. Yes, but who changes with changes will remain the same.

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