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Women Entrepreneurs That Are Nailing The Startup In India Like A Pro

Published on: 23/02/18 12:15 PM

Women With Bigger Ambitions Than Their Fear

Women entrepreneurs that are nailing success. Salute to the women who changed the game of startup like a pro. They are least bothered about the result as they are more concerned about chasing their dreams. Here is a list of brands that made a place in the heart with their originality and uniqueness.

  1. Nykaa
    Former investment banker “Falguni Nayar” decided to turn into an entrepreneur created a platform for customers to help them purchase beauty and personal care products online. “Naykaa” is amongst the most trustworthy brand for online shopping.
  2. Zivame
    Founders of Zivame- Successful Female Entrepreneurs in India
    For women who feel uncomfortable purchasing lingerie from a retail store can opt for an online order of the same. Choosing from limited styles led Richa Kar built a platform for unlimited choices for users. Richa Kar is the found of Zivame which is a multi-brand lingerie portal.
  3. Chumbak
    Founders of Chumbak - Successful Female Entrepreneurs in India
    Finding dreams is not easy until Shubhra’s dreams made her realize her passion. Glad it happened! Chumbak not only filled the gap of gifting something attractive that is rarely found in stores. It’s a colorful website with India-inspired designs.
  4. YourDOST
    Founder of YourDost - Women Entrepreneurs in India
    Its a platform found by Richa Singh who started with this brand called YourDOST. Its a team of experts and counselors that help you deal with emotions whether personal or work related. Richa’s brand “YourDOST” is a friend for all peers. For people facing turbulence in life have a solution at this portal.
  5. JoshTalks
    Founder of Josh Talks - Women Entrepreneurs in India
    Supriya is The co-founder of “Josh Talks’ who wanted to do something for herself and students like her that were stuck in the rat race. She met co-founder, Shobit Bangaat at a party and on the conversation they got to know that they share “passion for inspiring India’s youth”. THey build a platform to showcase inspiring stories across the country.
  6. Fabally
    Founders of Faballey - Women Entrepreneurs in India
    The two founders of FABALLEY are Tanvi and Shivani realized their big dream. In the daily grind of 9 to 5 jobs. Faballey wants to be the big fast-fashion brands like Zara and H&M. They come out with 100 new on-trend products every week! They realized young women with limited budgets had limited options while buying trendy clothes and accessories. So they brought afford clothing destination for working women.Salute to these women they are truly a game changer in this world.

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