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Sunderland Football Mascot, Bradley Lowery Dies Aged Six After Losing Cancer Fight

Published on: 8/07/17 5:06 AM

Bradley Lowery, A six-year-old football mascot who touched the heart of thousands of people all around the world dies after losing his Fight with a rare form of cancer

Bradley, after following a heroic battle with cancer "went with the angel' on Friday. He was Suffering from a rare form of cancer 'Neuroblastoma'.

Bradley's Mum Gemma revealed the Heartbreaking news in a Facebook post saying -

Bradley was Suffering from a rare form of cancer 'Neuroblastoma'.

Bradley was born on May 17, 2011 & was first diagnosed with the horrible disease when he was just 18 months old when tumors spread to his chest, lungs, lymph nodes, bone and bone marrow.

He went into remission for 18 months after having surgery & gruelling chemotherapy.

Last July Gemma revealed that cancer has returned once again. 

She said that more than £700,000 was raised to send him to US for antibody treatment.

In December Bradley's family dealt with another shock when the doctors told them that the US treatment could give them more time & could even kill him.

He underwent radical immuno-therapy treatment at Great Ormond Street Hospital which was the last ray of hope, but tragically it failed.

Bradley was having a strong friendship with the England star striker Jermain Defoe.

Bradley was Sunderland super fan & has captured the hearts of the football world. 

Defoe quickly became his "best friend" when he walked out with him before a Black Cats game.

He admitted that their was an "instant connection between the pair.

Bradley also led out England with the striker ahead of their win over Lithuania in March.

During a press conference on Thursday Defoe broke down in tears as he emotionally talked about him