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Sunny Leone And Hubby Daniel Weber Go Nude For A PETA Ad Campaign

Published on: 29/11/17 6:37 AM

The Reason for going nude will make you to respect them more than before.

Sunny Leone is a true animal lover and is totally against the mistreatment of animals . She is associated with PETA from last couple of years and was also honoured by PETA’S person of the year 2016 award. PETA also known as “People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals” is basicaly an American animal rights organisation which fight’s against animal cruelty.


Not only Sunny but her musician husband Daniel Weber has joined hand in hand with the organisation and came up to raise his voice against ill treatment of animals. The couple has recently shot an advertisement campaign carried out by PETA to convey a very meaningful message-'being comfortable in your skin and letting animals be comfortable in theirs.’ 

Now, getting nude just for clicking images can be shocking but the reason behind it is more alarming and shocking enough.


This hot ad campaign was organised by PETA and was shot by expert photographer Subi Samuel. The make-up and hair styling work were done by Tomas Moucka. Tomas is an India based make-up artist and hair stylist.


“We live in a world with such amazing advances in vegan materials and options for everyone. There is no reason for anyone to support cruelty in any form. Synthetic leather, mock croc, and even faux fur are some of the many great options,” says Sunny. “We need to be a voice for animals and make sure we understand that, without them, there is no us,” adds Weber. “We must co-exist and learn to respect.”


Various animals like rabbits, minks, cats, dogs and even foxes are slaughtered, butchered and laid to death in a very cruel manner. Not only this they are electrocuted and are skinned in very large quantity and the reason behind this is the demand of furr coats, cuffs and collars. Cows are slaughtered with sharp knives for leather. Snakes, Alligators and Crocodiles are pierced with metal rods for making exotic skin accesories. 

PETA has also introduced a 'PETA Approved vegan logo' by which shoppers could easily identify the cuelty free products.

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