Super Blue Blood Moon: A Rare Celestial Treat For All The Sky watchers

Published on: 31/01/18 3:05 PM

Sky is full of unlimited things that are yet to be known and discovered. This is not only a subject of discussion but also people like astrologers, geologists, scientists and even us are really curious about knowing space. Just like space our mind is also having infinite thoughts for it. Do you remember the stories that our mother and grandmother used to tell during our childhood. It makes us so happy to know about it…isn’t it?

Today man is trying all possible ways to capture space and to know each and every possible things about it. Every now and then we hear news like American agency NASA has launched its rover to find water on planet Mars, SPACE X is going to take people in space and many more.

Today i am going to tell you about a rare celestial event which is occurring after 152 years. This rare celestial event is occurring on 31 January 2018 known as ‘Super Blue Blood Moon’.

What ‘Super Blue Blood Moon’ is?

super-blue-blood-moon lunar eclipse

When the moon come closer to earth in its orbit (perigee) then it becomes 14 percent brighter then the usual moon. This moon is not only brighter but also 30 percent big in size as compared to the usual moon. Due to this it is known as ‘Super Blue Moon’. This Super Blue Moon passes through the shadow of the Earth giving birth to a Lunar Eclipse. Now while moving in the shadow of planet Earth this Super Blue Moon takes a reddish tint and hence become visible as ‘Blood Moon’.

Can I watch it with a naked eye?

watch super-blue-blood-moon

The question that must be tricking your mind time and again is whether you can see it with a naked eye or not? So friends their’s a happy news for all you curious sky lovers. You can watch this marvellous event with the naked eye. So, there’s nothing to worry at all. Just go to your balcony and enjoy the huge blue moon wet in blood.

Wow! This is how it looks like..

Myths associated with Super Blue Blood Moon

1. Jaguar ate the moon

super-blue-blood-moon myths

Incas, an American-Indian people who belong to a small tribe situated in the southern highlands of Peru believe that the total lunar eclipse occurs when a jaguar attacks the moon and ate it. Due to this attack the color of the moon turns blood red. To prevent this attack the Incas make a lot of noise and beat their dogs and make them bark and howl

2. Moon has lot of pets and 20 wives

Myths of Lunar Eclipse

An American tribe of Northern California believe that moon is having 20 wives and lot of pets on it. At time of hunger these pets used to attack moon due to this it began to bleed and hence moon turn’s blood red. Not only this but they also believe that moon is having 20 wives who come to collect the blood of moon for restoring his good health.

3. Result of Sun and Moon fight

Sun Moon Fight - Lunar Eclipse Super Blue Blood Moon

The Batammaliba community of Togo and Benin (Africa) use to believe that eclipse occurs due to the fight between the Moon and the Sun.

4. Eating food is harmful for health

Harmful Eating foods - Lunar Eclipse Super Blue Blood Moon

Many people believe that one should not eat or drink during the lunar eclipse as having food and water during this time cause indigestion.

5. Avoid use of sharp objects

Avoid Sharp Objects - Lunar Eclipse Super Blue Blood Moon

Different people have different opinions, some people had a firm believe that use of sharp objects should be avoided during a total lunar eclipse, since wound caused during lunar eclipse take more time to heal than that caused during normal (non-eclipse) time. They also believe that this wound leave stubborn scars for lifetime.

6. It is harmful for pregnant women

Pregnancy Effects -Lunar Eclipse Super Blue Blood Moon

People believe that pregnant women should not go outside their home during lunar eclipse. They had a belief that going outside during the eclipse time can harm the unborn children. The expecting mothers are not allowed to touch sharp objects and knives fearing that it may cause deformities in the unborn children.

7. Putting Tulsi (Basil) leaves on food to ward away evil

Use Tulsi - Lunar Eclipse Super Blue Blood Moon

People also believe that one should not leave their food outside during eclipse and the leftovers should be thrown away. They also believe that one should put Tulsi leaves on food in order to ward away the evil effects.

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