Tell Your Daughters To Be A Durga Not A Draupati?

Published on: 3/08/18 5:50 AM

Dear Parents, Let Your Daughters
Know She Is STRONG

Do you know what makes things worse for a girl? Its the lack of communication and information sharing with her. Let your daughters know the basics of leading a happy life as things won’t work well if she is not trained to handle it.

Tell Her – She Is STRONG


What differentiates a strong woman and weak women? It is the inability of knowing one’s powers. The most important lesson parents should teach their girls is to let her know “her powers” and train her well. Men have tried keeping women weak by not letting her know her powers. Let her be mentally and physically strong so that she can compete for the evil prevailing in this world.

Tell Her- Be Like Durga 


Let your daughter know that she needs to be a DURGA for herself as we worship the divine power of goddess Durga. So train your daughters with an accessory called “Martial Arts”.   Train her to not let her feel less about being a girl.

Tell Her- She Is Beautiful


Let your daughters know that she is beautiful. Don’t let relatives comment on her complexion, body or color affect her soul. Every girl is beautiful so don’t let those pricking words make your daughter feel less about herself.

Let Her Know- She Deserves Respect


Let your queen know she deserves to be respected and not mistreated for being kind. Teach her to respect those who respect her and not those who fail to reciprocate the same to her. No man can mistreat her like this, tell her to set boundaries with people who fail to appreciate her true self.

Teach Her- To Be Independent

Don’t educate her so that she gets a better groom, educate her so that she could survive without him that too independently. Tell her to be financially stable and independent that doesn’t depend on men for her finances.

Teach Her – She Can Do Anything


Let your daughter know she can do just anything she sets her mind on. Don’t compare her with the neighbor’s kid or even the unsuccessful ones. As her potential is different from the people that tried and fail, as it might be possible she flies with flying colors in the field she chooses to pursue as her career.

Let Her Know- Injustice Never Wins


Despite the people plotting evil or unjust with her, they will never win and will fail badly if they tried harming her with their intentions. As KARMA is watching and will hit hard on your face. Tell your daughters to keep distant from the people who always butter and are never bitter. As extra sweet people are the most dangerous kind of snakes that might attack you to benefit themselves. No one was born with so much butter and people who never have anything to speak against wrong are the ones that have secretly killed their morals and ethics on the inside.

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