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These Terrible Medical Pictures Of ‘How Patients Were Treated In Olden Days’ Are Do Horrifying!!

Published on: 19/07/17 11:18 AM

vintage medical pictures

When we visit our friends, relatives at clinics and hospitals, we see a lot of latest medical equipment, machine. But we haven’t wondered how Doctor used to diagnose and treat their patients in olden days. Have you??

Now a day’s science and medicine has grown a lot. The latest technologies have made everything quite easy and quick. Today’s equipment’s like MRIs, X-Ray, CT-scans machines etc were not available in olden days. We can’t even wonder how difficult it was for Doctors to diagnose their patients.

The olden day’s treatments were so terrible that we can’t imagine. Let’s take a look at these vintage medical photographs of patients treated in olden days. Here they are:

#Scoliosis treatment method by Dr. Lewis Sayre’s.

# In 1925 patients with rickets back were treated like this.

#Radiothor: A Radio Active Water for ‘Healing’ 1928

# A Jar Of Leeches.

vintage medical pictures

# Anatomical model for pregnant women of pregnant women, 1680

vintage medical pictures