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Terrifying Pictures That Reveals The Unbelievable Surgeries Conducted In The Victorian Era

Published on: 31/08/17 3:10 PM

Check out these Terrifying Pictures That Reveals the Unbelievable Surgeries Conducted in the Victorian Era. Thank God I was not born at that time.

The history of Victorian Era in the United Kingdom is known to be as one of the most modern days of the country. Surgery has developed a lot over the ages, and many safe technologies are used today. However, looking into the Victorian Era of surgeries and medical treatments might bring you to a whole new era of terrifying shocks. Check out these Terrifying Pictures That Reveals the Unbelievable Surgeries Conducted in the Victorian Era.

A strabismus correction surgery


The strabismus correction surgery is fundamentally based out of a surgery construction for the division of internal muscles of the eye ball. The surgery aims to point the eye ball in the right direction.

Removal of the lower jaw


This construction of the lower jaw surgery is done in a very typical way. You can find the illustrations and figure out what has been done. This is indeed terrifying!

Reducing Blood Loss during Injuries


During the early 19th Century blood loss during surgeries was a major issue. The surgeons decided to compress the arteries in the arms and legs so that the blood loss could be avoided. However, it was done in a very typical way.

Robert Liston in the First British Operation with Anesthesia


This picture reveals a frame of Dr. Robert Liston, a surgeon from Scotland. Incidentally, it was the first ever surgery in the British Kingdom when anesthesia. It was done with the help of a knife that is gripped between his teeth and could also amputate a leg less than three minutes.

The Tools for Operating the Bones


These are the illustrations of all the tools which were used to conduct a surgery of the bones. They include the surgical saws, knives as well as different shapes of shears for the operations.

Anatomy of the Armpit


This is an illustration of the anatomy of an armpit. The figure shows us how a string is used to clamp the veins and stop the blood flow.

Amputation of carious toes


Now, this could happen to your toes if they were carious.

Ligature of the arteries


The lower arms, as well as the elbow joint, were operated with different tools for each of the arteries. Here is an illustration of it.

Surgery for tongue cancer


Simply just cut, remove and stitch back!

Ligature of an artery in the inguinal region


The process of Ligature of an artery in the inguinal region is basically done with the help of sutures as well as a suture hook. The abdomen is compressed to reduce the aortic blood flow.

A cross section of the human brain


Blood Supply in the Wrist and Hand


Dissection of the thorax


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