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The 10 Spiritual Powers Of Om That Makes You Believe In Divinity

Published on: 2/09/17 11:56 AM

Om is not just a sound or even a vibration; it is the entire universe of what we touch, we see or even what we feel. Here are The 10 Spiritual Powers of Om!

Most of the people know chanting the word ‘Om’ leads us to a new level of positive energy & prosperity. It brings up an ultimate peace to the mind as well as the body and calms our soul. Most importantly, ‘Om’ brings us a bundle of positive energy and belief in you. Probably, this is the reason why it is also known to be the strongest word of the world. Om is not just a sound or even a vibration; it is the entire universe of what we touch, we see or even what we feel. Here are The 10 Spiritual Powers of Om That Makes You Believe in Divinity!

10. Connection with Islam

In Islam, the powerful word 'Om' is referred to as Samaa. Infact it is similar to Om that Samaa helps to find the connectivity between a person and Allah. So Both Om, as well as Samaa, finds similarities to each other.

9. The Lord Ganesha connection


The physical form of Lord Ganesha is said to be as that of Om. Infact, the upper curve of Om is defined to be the head, and the lower curve is the belly. The twisted curve resembles the trunk of Lord Ganesha.

8. You have better control over your emotions


Controlling the emotions is indeed a powerful and divine state which gives us the power to hold the emotional state. It gives you a more clear and rational state of mind and also improves your grasping power.

7. The state of discovering your inner self


When Om is chanted in a group of people, it amplifies the sound and doubles the positive energy. It helps to discover the inner self of a person which keeps us relaxed.

6. Chanting also cleanses your body


The power of Om is that it removes the toxin from the skin as well as the body. It recreates the immunity to increase the healing power. Regular practice of Om boosts weight loss and also stimulates the metabolism.

5. Giving our brain all the power we have


Chanting out Om means to get our body fresh and conserve all the energy. The brain gets the authority to think and also perform's better. The energy of the whole body is channelized and then conserved.

4. How Buddhism seeks Om?


For over centuries of years, chanting 'Om' leads to a spiritual development for Buddhists. It is a tradition in Tibet and Buddhism. The most popular mantra is 'Om mani padme hum.'

3. Heal your disturbed state of mind


If you start chanting Om and concentrate in it, it effectively will heal your troubled state of mind and would initially give you the best results to a better flow of oxygen in your mind.

2. It reverberates


Chanting Om is probably the purest form of the prayer that initially leads you to connect with your inner soul. It is evidently a state where you present yourself as a bare soul and dwells within the powers you possess.

1. AUM and OM


In Sanskrit, O is spelled as AU. Infact, it is divided into 3 different parts.
A – Is the waking state
U – Is the dream state
M – Is the state of deep sleep
This makes sure that Om helps you to enter the infinite consciousness.

So, what are you waiting for? Start chanting 'OM' and fill your life with extreme positivity. 

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