The 7 Wonders Of Cow Dung. Know What It Can Fix !

Published on: 5/08/17 2:29 PM

With the Great Khali Advertising for it and now an RSS leader stepping front, Cow Dung can actually be much stronger than many other cement brands in the world.

Does it appear to be very stingy? Well, Cow Dung may soon the be the most go to product in the world because of so many benefits it has. With the Great Khali Advertising for it and now an RSS leader stepping front, Cow Dung can actually be much stronger than many other cement brands in the world.  Indeed, the quest for Cow Dung is widely increasing and it has been one of the best reasons why people are looking for more. Here are The 7 Wonders of Cow Dung! Know What It can Fix!

1. Building Bunkers


According to the researches which have brought out the many benefits of cow dung infront of us. While the meat of Cow might just be poison, the Cow Dung has many benefits to make a structure strong. In many places of the country, it is already used to make buildings strong and thus it can also be used to construct bunkers. The Indian Army should listen to it!

2. Natural Beauty


This has been a concept from the divine Vedic age in our country. It was believed that Lord Krishna used a soap totally made up of Cow Dung! With this new coming up, a Mumbai based Company decided to provoke people and went on to sell soap, toothpaste, incense and also face wash! All of the products are specifically made up from cow dung and urine!

3. Protection from Radiation:


The scientific sources of the Cow Dung say that it has a radioactive material which helps us to get protected from harmful radiations. Some people have believed that applying cow dung at the back of the cell phone might reduce the radiation of the phone on the skin. This might be very helpful either because Cow Dung has the capability to cure cancer and protect from microwaves!

4. Defuse Atom Bombs

A booklet retrieved by the Muslim Rashtriya March said that the benefits of Cow Dung have reached the next level where it might not only be used to cure us but also to protect. It can render hydrogen and atom bombs to be ineffective. The properties of Cow Dung enforce it to stop radiations from Atom Bombs which might just help to defuse the bomb!

5. Cure Cough and Cold


According to the sources, the Cow Dung has right minerals and Vitamin B. The Vitamin B can cure general weakness as well as heal the nervous system. It helps you a lot to get the best cure cough and cold leading to the best result.

6. Normal Delivery in Pregnancy


The chief of RSS has come up with a beautiful concept of the benefits of Cow Dung at the time of delivery. It is a miraculous drug for pregnant a woman that helps to ensure a normal delivery. The mixture of cow dung and urine paste helps a lot to get the best results!

7. Cream


Cow dung has a lot of benefits and enriched minerals which helps to make the skin look flawless. It also helps us a lot to create a useful cream for our skin!

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