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The First Indian Woman To Fight WWE Matches In Salwar-Kurta

Published on: 6/09/17 3:22 PM

The First Indian Woman To Fight WWE Matches In Salwar-Kurta

Are you a vivid fan of the WWE? Do you remember all the names of your favorite WWE stars whom you used to watch winning matches? Well! If you used to love watching the WWE matches, you must remember the moment when our nation became proud. Today, there is something certainly aspiring for you. Yes, Kavita Devi, the super woman from India is the first ever Indian Woman to Fight WWE Matches in Salwar-Kurta. What is even more fascinating is her choice of dresses as she kept the tradition of the country alive in full desi style.

Well, just as we bring back all those favorite moments from WWE, here is a video of the wonder woman from India who comes up saying that "Bhartiya Naari padi sab par bhari"

Check Out the Video from Here:

The first Indian woman to compete in WWE


Earlier this year, Kavita Devi from Haryana, became the first ever Indian Woman to feature in the WWE on August 30, 2017. It was indeed her performance that made her look stunning among the top 32 members of the tournament.

She took training from The Great Khali


Her inspiration in the field of WWE gave her a self-training while she was willing to enter the field. Khali trained her at his Punjab based Wrestling Promotion and training Academy.

Her Exclusive Interview

"I surely will. I have the technique, the skills, and the strength. And it's not as much about looks as it is about the fan following, which I can get if I succeed. I am learning how to perform for the crowd - 'showmanship' as they call it. Talent toh hai hi, baaki sab bhi aa jaega dheere-dheeere," she said in a conversation with TOI.

Apart from this, she also added:

"I have full faith in myself, and I have the support of Indian wrestling fans behind me. I want to be the first WWE Women's Champion from India, and I will give my best to achieve that. Baaki sab toh time aane par pata chalega."

Her Efforts in Building Strong


She has always been a power lifter and also traveled to the other countries for the competitions. She said that "I was hesitant in wearing something like that. I still wanted to be connected to my culture and represent India, which is why I fought in the ring in a salwar-kurta instead of the usual costume. I wanted to take that first step and show the world that a costume cannot stop an Indian woman from performing on the world stage,"

A strong performer


Asking about her debut, Canyon Ceman, the Vice President, WWE Talent Development said that, "Kavita Devi gave a strong performance at WWE's 2017 Dubai try out. She is an athletic and powerful woman who demonstrated a solid grasp of the fundamentals of sports entertainment, and a passion for improving that will serve her well in WWE's upcoming Mae Young Classic tournament."