The funniest Indian TV ads that defined the 2000s era

Published on: 13/11/19 6:56 PM

funniest indian tv ads from 2000s

Right now, the latest trend in ad films are emotional stories, or social issues. Every ad in 2019 is using corporate social responsibility to sell their product. It seems like they are almost saying “Look, we are giving 2% of our earnings to the needy, so you better buy our product.”

But, believe it or not, there used to be a time when comedy, instead of this kind of emotional torture, was the crux of ad stories. In fact, in the 2000s, every new ad was a funny story. This was a time when newly emerging creative people were churning out amazing content to somehow, hilariously connect the USP of the product to a storyline that seemingly had no relation to the product.

Today, we take a look at some hilarious ads from the 2000s that were so simple, that they were really genius, the ads that really defined the era 0f 2000s.

Musst Bites’ greedy Daadi: “DAADI DOESN’T SHARE MUSST BITES”

Halonix Bulb ad: A poor quality bulb can be a dangerous thing

Ek Chutki marker ki kimat, Ramesh babu aaj jaan gaya

Love has no limits, but it does have width

Some things we just can’t let go, especially if its stuck by Fevicol

Why buy expensive hair styling tools, when a simple chewing gum would do

Desperate times need desperate measures

Pretty much every Atithi Satkaar story in India really.

Animals, environment, children, women- why not extend protection to ghosts too…

Wish every job interview could be that easy

Can we say, Kudos to Gajraj Rao’s long journey from small roles like in this ad to a filmfare award for his role as Jeetendra Kaushik in ‘Badhaai Ho’.

Even though we love this ad, it doesn’t takeaway from the fact that no Indian parents are so Sushil!

The most accurate description of doing it for the first time actually

When I think that the decades long animosity between India and Pakistan could be erased as simply as through the help of a fevikwik!

Center Fresh is the solution to all world problems it seems!

Sad that Virgin Mobile Phones were discontinued. Else, we would’ve gotten a ‘creative ways to get rid of a guy’ ad too.

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