The Funniest Names That You Won’t Even Pronounce on Public Places

Published on: 26/04/18 11:55 AM

Cautions!!! Don’t start laughing because you may not be able to explain why are you laughing.

There are numerous funny things in the world. These things make us laugh and think that “Oh god! what he just did”. Now think about people whose names are funny or weird enough to laugh, like Dr. GK Boob.

Would you dare to call him Dr. Boob in public? I think the answer is no, but it is just one name. There are many people who got some of the funniest names. Let’s find out who these gentlemen are.

1. Donald Duck


Believe it or not, his name is Donald Duck. I am just thinking, “what his parents were thinking while giving him this name”. They would have been wondering, let’s make our kid famous. He is certainly one of the most famous people on this planet today.

2. Dick Long


I have a lot of sympathy for this guy. You can understand why, but I also know that you are laughing after knowing his name. Just imagine now, how he might have introduced himself to other people.

3. Dr. Shit Fun Chew


Now I believe that the parents can also make a huge joke with their children’s life, if they decide to cross all the limits to make other laugh. Thank god, she does not belong to any English speaking nation, but this is still too much for such a talented individual.

4. P. Ennis


His parents should be arrested now for child abuse. How could they do it? I have no believe in humanity now after seeing this name. I’m just wondering how bad this person feels every time, whenever someone calls his name.

5. Judy Graham Swallows


She might have got this name for some specific properties. If not, then she must change this name because she is a public figure somewhere on this planet. May god bless her with another beautiful name.

6. Ben Dover


Wait!! What?? What does this man do whenever people call his name? Do he follow their command or he get angry? It is very confusing, so let’s leave it on him and move towards the next person with a special name.

7. Wang Liqin

People with Funny NamesSource

You are probably laughing at him after reading his name, but he is one of the most famous table tennis players of all time. He is retired now and enjoying a peaceful life somewhere in China. So, don’t laugh and watch some of his matches to know how great table tennis player he is.

8. Dr. Pornsak


This Dr. has a lot to offer. As you can see, he has a clinic to treat your illness and also room for rent if you want to accommodate there for is other services.

9. Park Jurassic


Please someone tell me that his parents were kidding while he was a kid and their joke mistakenly got serious. I am sure that it was the case otherwise nobody can offer their kid a name of a famous movie franchise.

10. Major Dickie Head


I salute him for living life with such a weird name and reaching to this position. He is brave and also calm, as you can see in his picture.

11. Mister Love


I think the cops have made some kind of mistake. He will try to find love because love is his name. I would still like to request him “Bro do not take your name too seriously”.

12. Mr. Dick Champion



People would not care about his true potential because his name has offered him the top position. Keep it up, man!! I am encouraging him, so don’t get it in another way.

13. Ravindra Banchhod


It is an Indian name, but why didn’t he change it? I cannot imagine how many times this man has felt bad for this name, but now he seems like a successful interior designer.

14. Napoleon Einstein

Inappropriate Funny Names


What do you think about the mentality of this individual’s father? This boy has got names, which are popular across the globe for both good and bad things.

15. Bihari Lund


Life has already done a big tragedy with this man, so no comments!!

16. Harshit Boob


I would never dare to call him by his surname. Of course, he will not mind but a lot of people around him will run to kill me for speaking such a word in a public place.

17. Anal Singh

Inappropriate Names of People


This man has no idea about what his parents did during his baby shower. I believe the way of pronouncing his name is different from what you are reading right now.

18. Dr. K. N. Chutiya

Unfortunate Human Names


I wish it is just a name and he is a smart doctor. The name is just a tragedy with him because people usually use the C word whenever they find someone with an idiotic brain.

19. Pornika Das

Misspelled Embarrassing Names of People


Why the hell she didn’t replace O by U? Now everyone is considering it a weird one, but in Hindi, it is not what you and I are thinking.

20. Jamesbond Singh


I am just recalling Baburao’s famous dialogue from the “Hera Pheri” movie. No words for this man because he is “Jamesbond”. Now imagine how does he introduce himself to other “Bond!! Jamesbond”.




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