The Most Disgusting Malpractices Adopted During Indian Elections

Published on: 21/04/18 2:17 PM

The Indian elections get quite exciting with every passing day. Every Indian voter keeps a sharp eye on which party is performing well and which one is simply mocking people’s mandate. Common Indian citizens take the election just as a process of selecting the leaders. Things are very different for the politicians.

The Indian politicians try everything to win the elections. They remain focused towards only one goal and that is winning the election. Many disgusting malpractices take place whenever there is an election in India. Check these malpractices to know how fair the Indian elections are.

1. Use of Black Money


Many Netas (politicians) earn a lot of money in the form of bribe. They help needy peoples, businessmen, and other associates and get paid under the table. They gain a lot of black money which they never reveal as legal revenue. These politicians invest that black money in funding rallies during the elections.

The political leaders travel numerous villages, towns, and cities during the election campaign. It requires a lot of money and that money comes from various unknown sources. Sometimes good leaders face the loss just because the other parties spend a lot of black money to win the election.

2. The Waste of Money

Waste of Money on Election PromotionSource

There is no other country in which the politicians or political parties waste as much money as the Indian political parties do. The money plays a vital role in the Indian elections. India’s GDP is quite low in comparison to the USA though. The political parties and politicians in India spend more money than the Americans during the Indian Assembly and Indian General Elections. This money can be invested in improving the infrastructure and public welfare jobs to make India a better place to live.

3. Cast Politics

Poking Religious IssuesSource

The literacy rate in India is increasing quite rapidly. The cast and religion are not the issues for educated people in this country, but the politicians can’t come across it. They always raise cast or religious slogans during the election campaign.

The recent Gujarat Election is a great example of how three Congress-supported leaders tried to polarize the elections in the name of the cast. They did not succeed, it had certainly caused some clashes in the region. Cast politics is not good for any country. Though, some Indian politicians like Hardik Patel, Jignesh Mevani, etc do not care about the country. They just seek the power.

4. Paid news:


Indian Electoral Malpractices - Paid NewsSource

People turn on the news channels to get some information on what is going on in the country. The Indian news channels are a bit different from the other global new channels.

The Indian media does not seem neutral. They choose to be soft on one side and attack another side. They also endorse many paid news to affect the results of the election. It is not good for democracy but that’s what happens nowadays during the Indian elections.

5. Hate speech:

Hate speech on opposing partiesSource

The hate speech has now become an absolute duty of some Indian politicians. We agree that all the politicians do not try this stunt. There are some parties that have got some extraordinary speakers. These politicians speak trash about a particular religion, region, culture, and cast to disgrace it and embrace the targeted one. That’s how the conflicts between two groups erupt during the Indian elections which cause the loss of lives and public properties.

6. False allegations:

false allegations on opposition candidate


Every politician in India wants to win the elections. They can do anything to gain some extra votes. False accusation and false allegations are quite common for such politicians. They never think twice before accusing someone of a crime, which he or she didn’t commit ever. That’s what happens during the Indian elections.

7. Defamation:

defamation - worst indian election malpracticeSource

The politicians do not fear anybody. One of the opposition leaders had abused the Indian Prime Minister. Many other leaders have tried the same stunt to reduce some frustration, but it worked against them. They had lost the elections just because of defamation and trying such cheap political stunts.

8. Fake promises:

Fake Promises one of many electoral malpracticesSource

Nobody can ever forget the Jumla comment made by Mr. Amit Shah. It was quite shocking because PM Modi had promised during his campaign to provide employment and 15 lakh rupees in poor people’s account. None of these promises fulfilled and still, people do not care about it. That’s what happens in India during the elections.

9. Fake opinion polls:

 opinion polls affect the voters’ opinionSource

Each and every news channel tries to predict the victory of a particular political party in India. Such kinds of opinion polls affect the voters’ opinion. The media should be banned from sharing such polls before the election so that the voters can choose a right leader.

10. Horse Trading:

horse trading is the worst malpracticeSource

Last but not the least, horse trading is the worst malpractice that occurs during the Indian elections. The elected leaders sell themselves to other parties just for earning some money. It is one of the most disgusting things that take place during the Indian elections. Many parties have gone out of power just because of this malpractice.

The Indian elections will become fair and beneficial for the Indian democracy if these ten malpractices will get stopped in the nearest future.

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