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The Most Promising Space Projects That Will Expand Our Reach To A Whole New World

Published on: 21/04/18 1:35 PM

Space Projects that would change the World

It seems quite exciting when it comes to writing something about space exploration and future space technologies. Everybody wants to know that whether or not humans will land on Mars, and what about exploring other planets of our solar system.

The humans have reached to many new planets beyond the Milky Way, but only through space telescopes and in the Sci-Fi movies. These movies predict how the human will reach to a new world beyond the stars.

Some of the Sci-Fi movie predictions are about to come true. World’s leading space research agencies and some private organizations are working on projects that will revolutionize the way space research is done till the date.

Let’s check which are those projects:

Japan’s Space Elevator

Space Elevators - JAXA ProjectsSource

Japan is about to do something that nobody has thought before. It will build the first space elevator of the world. No, the space elevator is not one of JAXA’s projects. It is a Japanese construction company,  Obayashi Corporation that is planning to start and finish the construction till 2050.

Obayashi has built Japan’s famous Skytree which is one of the tallest structures on this planet. The Obayashi space elevator is planned to provide a cost-effective way of reaching the outer space.

The designers are still working on the designs and other plans to find the most effective methods of making the Space Elevator a reality.

Another visit to the moon

ISRO Moon Mars MissionSource

Though NASA has already sent humans to the moon, it may not wish to do the same again. Other space research organizations across the globe would certainly wish to land on the moon.

The ISRO can be pioneering among all the other space agencies because its Marse mission was a huge success. It is planning to put people on the moon till 2020. It will be a huge success for ISRO and India.

Asteroid hunting

NASA Asteroid Hunting


Most of us have seen the asteroids to wish upon something that we all want. NASA is also planning to use the asteroids, but of course not for fulfilling any desire.

NASA’s plan is to mine there and gain the valuable materials from asteroids. NASA will lasso the asteroids and tow them around the moon for mining. It seems like science fiction, but NASA is working to make it a reality.

Mission Mars

Mars Space Missions


Matt Damon’s Martian was a huge success. People got a glimpse of how the humans can survive on Mars if sent for exploration. Though it was just a movie, it encouraged people to volunteer for Mission Mars.

A $4 billion Mission Mars project is supported by Paul Romer. Over 200,000 people have applied to be the passengers on a one-way mission. There will be no return ticket but it will be the most amazing journey to the Red Planet.

The SpiderFab

NASA The SpiderFab


Many scientists and tech experts are working at NASA to create some amazing tool for space exploration. With the development of 3D printing technology, NASA has found a way to manufacture various items in the space.

It is NASA’s plan to send a 3D printer in the space and produce several essential products there. NASA has spent over $500,000 to produce a 3D printing robot that will soon travel to the International Space Station.

A giant net for removing space debris

Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency - Fishing Net


The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency is working with a fishing net manufacturing company to create a giant mesh. This mesh will be used for removing space debris. The idea is to catch large debris in a giant net and then tow them back to earth. The outer orbit will become a lot safer if useless space objects and debris are removed.


Skylon Space Missions 2019


Skylon is one of the highly audacious projects, planned by Reaction Engines Limited (UK based Aerospace agency). The plan is to develop jets that can break the barrier of gravity and reach the outer orbit.

This project is under development and it is a government-sponsored project. The test flights are expected to begin during 2019. The British government is planning to use these jets for supplying some heavy objects in the outer space.

Laser Interferometer Space Antenna (LISA)

Space Projects 2034 - Laser Interferometer Space Antenna (LISA)


This project is estimated to complete during 2034. LISA will be detecting and measuring the gravitational waves generated by intensive binary systems and mergers of massive objects available in the space, which are known as black holes.




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