The Most Useless Inventions That Got Popular Because of Their Weirdness

Published on: 24/04/18 5:17 PM

It seems quite weird that people have a lot of time to create products that nobody is going to use in the future. You might not believe it, but there are wigs for the cats. Now just imagine how a cat will look after applying a wig. The inventor is unknown but why any cat owner would buy an expensive wig for his cat??

It is just one product and there are numerous similar inventions that you do not know exist. So, let’s find out those inventions. You may find something interesting in these things!

1. The Useless Box

pointless invention - the useless boxSource

When I was looking for some amazing things on the web, I came across this weird thing. It is named as the useless box. First I thought it is some kind of joke, but no!! This box is actually useless and it costs around $30. All you get is a plain box with an on-off switch. Turn on the switch and the box will open and then a mechanical hand will come out to turn off the switch. That’s all this box does. Would you buy it now?

2. The Helicopter Ejection Seat



Do not think I am a fool. I know why the Ejection Seats are used and why it is vital in an aircraft. The main purpose is to save the life of pilot during the condition of a crash, but why there is an ejection seat in a helicopter? The helicopters are very different from fighter planes. There sharp blades above that can cut the pilot into many pieces if he will use the ejection seat. So, it is a totally useless invention.

3. The Snuggie


It is very tough to manage the book and keep the bod warm during the winter season. Many people fall their books down time and again and tries to manage it properly. Now the problem is solved because you can get blankets with sleeves, which are called the Snuggie. Though a few individuals may find it useful, the whole world would think why?? Why the hell I would buy it when it costs an expensive price? It is totally useless.

4. Toilet Golf


I bet many of you might find it useful, but not everybody likes to play golf. The inventor was probably thinking about how to pass the time while sitting on a toilet seat. He could have thought about playing a game and golf is a perfect one. Probably, that’s how the toilet golf was invented.

5. The Butter Stick


We all have used the glue sticks during the school and college days. It was used to spread the glue to glue up things, but what you think about using a Butter Stick? This stick works in the same way, but you would like to use it only on the bread. It is a weird product, but it is a bit useful.

6. The Phone Fingers


Some people call it finger condoms and some call it phone fingers. This weird product was invented especially for the smartphone and tab users, who want to prevent the screen smudges. It sounds like a cool invention, but who will get enough time to pick the phone fingers out of the pocket, apply them, and then pick the call? It is a totally useless invention!!

7. The TV Hat Personal Theater


We must thank the inventor because there is someone, who has thought to provide the homeless people with a theater-like a movie watching experience. A person, who has a house to watch movies, would never dream about watching a movie by using this bulky and useless thing. It seems like a VR headset, but it is a lot bigger and totally useless.

8. The AC Shoes


Do not get confused because these are the air-conditioned shoes. The inventor might have designed these shoes for those wealthy people, who sweat a lot and want some fresh air in their boots. Though, we all know that spending money on such a useless product is not feasible. So, never dream to get one of such products.

9. The Screen Privacy Hood


This product was designed probably by a porn addict because no sensible individual would ever use it when people are around him. Why people do such things which they may need to hide from others? It is useless and you should not buy it because you may never be in a situation to use it.

10. Banana Slicer


Wallah!! You may never think about using such a product. People will either call you mad or a lazy person, who can’t even cut a banana with a knife. I don’t know why the inventor had thought that people would like to buy the banana slicer. Probably, because he did not know how to cut a banana with a knife or he wanted to create equal slices of banana.


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