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The Muraka- World’s First Undersea Villa

Published on: 17/12/18 6:08 PM

Want to experience the lives of underwater creatures by booking a room in the villa ?? Yes!! This is possible. Muraka Villa is first of its kind and in a class of its own hotel villa which offer you these seamless features of living below and above the ocean.

Located more than 16 feet below sea level in the middle of the Indian Ocean with glass walls, The Muraka is a two-level aquarium where you can fall asleep to fish swimming overhead and wake up to the swaying arms of coral. The Muraka in the Maldives, the first underwater villa of the world is open for booking now for travelers.

This ‘Into the Blue’ experience will have travelers staying at 16 ft 4 inches below the ocean surface, and you can very well imagine the lure of these crystal-clear waters. The Muraka’s upper floor is also planned to place you in the lap of luxury by including a gym, butler’s quarter, bedroom, kitchen, and a bar.

So never stop the adventure of life and go fo the uber-luxurious experience offered by Muraka Villa.

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