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The mystery behind RangaBilla

Published on: 26/12/19 8:38 PM

What is Rangabilla & twitter trend-arundhati roy

Twitteratis have made viral a peculiar hashtag : #RangaBilla

What is Rangabilla?

On December 25th, in the midst of protesting against CAA_NRC, author and activist Arundhati Roy had said that when officials come to collect details for the National Population Register (NPR), people should provide them false details about their name and address.

“When officials visit your home for NPR and ask you your name, give them names like Ranga-Billa, Kungfu-Katta,” Arundhati Roy said during a protest organized at Delhi University.

Since then, Twitterati have made this a trending hashtag on twitter to show support for Roy’s plan of action.

Arundhati’s predicament:

arundathi roy rangabilla

Roy’s predicament is that the Amended Citizenship Act and National Register of Citizens (NRC) is a deliberate attempt of the government to target the Muslims, Dalits, tribals and poor people, and disenfranchise them.

Now, amidst widespread dissent and protest against NRC, the Government is now pushing for NPR, which is nothing more than a database for NRC.

Therefore, all people should come together and fight this step by providing false personal information to the officials who come to collect the data.

She has also asked people to cite 7 Race Course (the prime minister’s residence) as their address and should agree on a mobile number that everyone will provide to the officials.

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