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The Real Reason Why Salman Khan’s Loving Sister Arpita Khan Adopted!

Published on: 9/08/17 2:54 PM

Arpita Khan Adopted
Find out The Real Reason Why Was Salman Khan's Loving Sister Arpita Khan Adopted with the story of her life.

Arpita Khan Sharma, the most loved sister of the ‘Khaandaan’, is indeed loved by everyone in the B-town as well. We have always seen Salman Khan and his family shower love and care on this 28-year-old daughter. The entire fans of Bollywood admire them for being such a sweet family. Despite never being a part of Hindi Movies, she has been a popular name in the entire B-Town. She has always been the talk of the town for all the reasons as she is the closest to all her brothers. But, why was she adopted? Find out The Real Reason Why Was Salman Khan’s Loving Sister Arpita Khan Adopted with the story of her life.

Arpita was born on August 1, 1989. Though she was not the biological daughter of Salim Khan, she was still the closest of her family.

It is often said that Arpita was actually adopted by Salman's parents Salim and Salma Khan. There are many different stories around the entire media for her adoption. 

It is often said that Arpita's mother was a beggar and she died right after giving Birth to her daughter. Salim and Salma spotted this infant near her dead body and hence they decided to make her a part of their family.

It is also often said that Salim's second wife, Helen was the one who brought up Arpita and decided to adopt her. This is indeed how she became an Angel from an Orphan.


Very few people know that Arpita has got a great sense of fashion. In fact, she had graduated from London College of Fashion and holds a degree in marketing and management.

Before Arpita got married to Ayush Sharma, she used to work for an architectural and also an interior designing firm. She had always a dream to own a fashion brand for herself.

In the year of 2014, Arpita got a tattoo of a star which also contains the names of all her family members. The tattoo has got Salim Khan, mothers Salma and Helen, brothers Salman, Arbaaz, Sohail, sister Alvira and friend Deeksha. 

A lot of reports have come up saying the Arjun Kapoor and Arpita Khan were dating each other for more than two years. However, they broke up for an unknown reason. However, Arjun is still close to Salman's Family.


Arpita lately dated Delhi Based Businessman Ayush Sharma who belongs from the Royal Family.


The wedding of Arpita with Ayush was considered to be the most expensive wedding of B-Town. Falaknuma Palace in Hyderabad was booked by Salman Khan for making her sister's dream come true.


Arpita is now happily married to Ayush and has a baby, Ahil, born on March 2016.

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