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The Secret Ways Queens Used To Attract Kings In Ancient Times Will Amaze You

Published on: 4/09/17 6:56 PM

The Secret Ways Queens Used To Attract Kings In Ancient Times Will Amaze You

Have you ever wondered how the paced life in our generation is hampering the beauty of our look? The daily life stress and struggles are almost making every youth to be looking like a 35-year-old even if the age is 25. Be it a man or a lady; aging has spread its appendages on every one of us. Infact, you must have heard about the fact that the queens of the ancient times always used to look beautiful. Well, there were certain reasons behind it which attracted most of the Kings. Here is The Secret Ways Queens Used to Attract Kings in Ancient Times Will Amaze You.

Kings were been Attracted by Queens.


Well, you must be very well aware about the beauty of the queens very much and also the fascination of the Kings. It was said that Rani Padmavati of Chittorgarh was indeed so beautiful that Alauddin Khilji attacked Chittorgarh to get her.

The Secret Behind Their Beauty


It was very much assumed that the queens used to have a poised physique and also light skin complexion which used to emulate the Kings. For maintaining such a beautiful physique and complexion Raj Vaidya used to prescribe medicines to them.

Raj Vaidya's Prescription

The Raj Vaidyas used to suggest useful prescriptions to look youthful. These suggestions are given to queens and princesses. Even the common people like you & me could use such hacks in our daily life.

1. Bathing from donkey's milk


At the ancient time, the Queens used to bath in Honey as well as olive oil mixed in the Donkey's Milk. As suggested by the Raj Vaidyas, they used to have anti-aging properties.

2. Rose perfume (Ittar)


The Ranis used to place rose perfumes or Ittars which made them smell heavenly all the day long. This would certainly make the Kings go crazy.

3. Long and thick locks


The beautiful and the luscious hair is just the icing on the cake. The queens used honey and olive oil to take care of the hair.

4. Walnut to stop aging


The queens also used to have Walnuts in order to keep the physical organs healthy. This also made their body healthy and curvy. Infact, it was believed that no one in the world could determine their age. It also helped the queens to get a curvaceous body.

5. Avocado mask


In order to remove the marks, blemishes from their face, Ranis used to put the avocado face mask. Avocado helps to keep the skin blemish free.

5. Beer (Madeira), face pack


According to the sources in the ancient times, the kings used to mix milk powder, egg white as well as lemon juice in Madeira. This helped a lot to remove the dead skin cells.

6. Rose water bath


The queens in the ancient times used to take a bath in rose water which used to keep their skin soft and also smooth. So whenever the king touched the queen, it felt to be very soft. This also made them go crazy.

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