The Shortest Route To A Great Orgasm.

Published on: 31/08/17 6:26 PM

It’s not true that you have to get involved in a foreplay for an hour or more to give her an orgasm. She can have it in 20 minutes if you are playing it right.

Getting ready for a hot time with your partner? Wouldn’t you like to see her tremble in pleasure? Yes, of course, you would love too. Who doesn’t? As every woman dreams of having an orgasm, it’s also the dream of all the men to make her have an orgasm. But buddy, for that, you need patience, loads of it, and some tricks too, because it’s not always about how hard you are drilling. It’s about how much of it is she enjoying.


It’s not true that you have to get involved in a foreplay for an hour or more to give her an orgasm. She can have it in 20 minutes if you are playing it right. Let’s move forward to the shortest route to an orgasm. It’s all possible with a proper planning. You need to figure out things right from the morning to make it work.

Choose a day when she has done her abs because abs exercises stimulate the vagus nerve that is running through her pelvis. In case your girl doesn’t hit gym, a good live comedy would do the same trick. 


Now get back to your place, but remember not to rush in. Turn on a soothing music and dim the lights. Have a drink or two, as it will get her in the mood. Researchers have found that women who have red wine before sex, are twice as much aroused compared to the others.

Now let’s start the mouth to mouth game. Here is where most of the couples go wrong. They don’t invest much time here. You need to invest at least 5 minutes in kissing. Kissing lowers the stress hormone, and I belief you don’t want to get to bed stressed. 

Now just don’t get stuck to her lips, gently move towards her neck. A few seconds there and get back to her lips again. Don’t overdo.

Every time you kiss her neck, remove one of her clothes and compliment her assets. This will higher her confidence of being naked in front of you. But don’t remove her underwear yet. Let her keep it on for some time more. Play your hand above the fabric for some time more, and when you can feel she’s turned on perfectly, remove it. 

Use some scented intimate lube. It will make her much hornier. Rub her clitoris slowly.

Now it’s time for your tongue play. Nothing beats Cunnilingus. Move your tongue from side to side while gently rubbing the upper part of her vagina. Once you feel her pre-orgasmic contractions, know that you are doing it right.

Enough of the foreplay, it’s time for the main scene. But don’t rush in. Climb on top of her and try the Coital Alignment Technique. Using this position, you are also massaging her clitoris with your penis which doubles up the pleasure for her and you can keep control over your own climax! 

Now keep up the good work and don’t keep on changing positions. It ruins everything! For her, it will be like starting over all again.
By now you will see her getting wilder! Be prepared by now as the time is near.

Good luck folks!

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