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The Story of First Transgender Beauty Queen from India Will Inspire You

Published on: 2/09/17 5:43 PM

The Story of First Transgender Beauty Queen from India Will Inspire You

It has always been difficult for anyone to accept something unusual. Be it an initiative or even a protest, only few show their courage to bring in a change in the society. In the present era, we have lost ourselves in the life of greed, and all that we know is about competing with each other. We do judge each other by color, caste as well as sex too. However, there are still some people around us who are the children of God, and they are different from usual.

Here is a tale of a girl who was criticized for being transgender. A girl who was ridiculed and also faced hatred for being what she already is. From her childhood, she was deprived of her family and the society used to reject her. She is Nitasha Biswas, the first ever transgender beauty queen of the country and here is something very inspiring that you must know from her life. Here is The Story of First Transgender Beauty Queen From India Will Inspire You!

India's best initiative ever!

On the day of 28th August 2017, the first ever Transgender beauty pageant took place in Gurgaon. Though it was just not what everybody was expecting, it was certainly an important initiative taken by the LGBT community. 

The event has a plethora of talent and also proved to be a great start for all the transgender to make way for their dreams. Infact, this was just the start of something big.

The winner of the first ever transgender beauty pageant

This beauty with brain who achieved success to the queen's crown was Kolkata's, Nitasha Biswas. She is certainly the most beautiful Transgender from India, and her dreams will make you feel inspired.

Meet Nitasha Biswas

Nitasha is now a 26-year Trans-woman from Kolkata who turned her dreams into a tale of reality. It has been her dream to be a model, but the society never let her to be so. Now, it is the time for Nitasha to be looking for big and willing to get the best results.

Nitasha was crowned to be the first ever Trans-queen on August 28th. However, her lifestyle has never been a bed of roses so far.

She had an Interview with The Better India where she shared her thoughts during the battle to pursue her dream as well as desires.

“During the transformation process, there is a phase when you have both male and female attributes, and it was impossible for me to even step out of my house during that period. It was a lonely journey. I was a source of a lot of ridicule.” “Winning the title has been great. Everyone is still in the celebratory mood around me.” Nitasha’s next port of call is Thailand where she will be representing India in the Miss Trans Queen International.

She has indeed been a great inspiration for most of the Transgenders and us too. She says, “This journey has been of emotions. With every conversation I had with my fellow contestants the things that were common were – depression, loneliness, and a lot of pain. The moment the crown was placed on my head, I thought of all the people I have lost in my journey in getting here. It has been a difficult and sometimes painful journey, but I am glad I stuck to it."