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The Top 10 Richest Cities In India

Published on: 23/09/17 7:01 AM

I am proud to be an Indian !

India is a land of many caste, religions, sex, language etc., From the costliest diamond of the world kohinoor, to the ancient hindu text Kamasutra, from gold to money to animals to the natural beauty. India was known as the wealthiest land in the past history. Due to this it was also known as ‘sone ki chidiya‘ . Every possible metal which is the requirement for creating infrastructure & trade was available in abundance. Iron weapon, cotton, spices was something which India was having in abundant quantity. During 17th century trade takes place by exchanging gold coins and bars.

But it was all in the past. Truely speaking India sill is a Developing country having second largest population in the world (2.4 billion people). As per the reports in 2017 India stands as the sixth largest economy. Here are the top 10 richest cities In India.


10. Visakhapatnam


The city of Visakhapatnam is known to be the financial capital of Andhra Pradesh and is also the largest city in the state. The city has been recorded as one of the 100 fastest growing cities in the world. The GDP of is of $26 billion which makes it expensive.

9. Surat


Known to be as the commercial city of Textiles, Surat is also the third cleanest city in India. Surat is an Indian port city which was known as 'Suryapur' in the past. The city polishes more than 90 percent of the world's rough diamonds. According to Indian Ministry of Urban Development, Surat is the 3rd cleanest city of India. It is also 4th fastest growing city in the whole world. Surat has the GDP of $40 billion. Till 2020, it is expected to be around a mark of $57 billion.

8. Pune


The city of Pune also has a touch of being expensive when it comes to daily life necessities. Being situated at a height of 1840 ft above sea level, Pune has always been a center of attraction for many tourists and visitors. Vetal hill is the highest hill situated at a height of 2600 ft above sea level. This beautiful city has a GDP of $48 billion.

7. Ahmedabad


Ahmedabad is also known as Amdavad or Karnavati. It is the former capital of state of Gujarat. With a population of 6.3 million,  It is the sixth largest city of India as well as the seventh largest metropolitan area of India. Ahmedabad is situated on the banks of Sabarmati river. The GDP of Ahmedabad stands at around $64 billion.

6. Chennai


Chennai formerly known as Madras, is situated on the Coromandel cost of Bay of Bengal of India. It is the fifth largest city in india. In fact, the food in Chennai is the second best in the world. The Chennai metropolitan area is the 36th largest populated urban area in the world. In 2015 chennai was the 43rd most visited cities of the world by foreign tourists. The economy of the city of Chennai has jumped from $58.6 Billion to $66 Billion.

5. Hyderabad


Hyderabad is the capital of state of Telangana. It is situated along the banks of Musi River and is
spread in an area of 650 square kilometres. Having population of 6.7 million and metropolitan population of 7.75 million it is the fourth most populous city in India. The city of Hyderabad is also known as the Diamond Trading Center of the country. There are many locations in the city where people opt to buy diamonds from. With an output of $74 billion, it is the fifth richest contributor to the GDP.

4. Bangalore


Bangalore also known as Bengaluru is the capital of the Karnataka state of India.With population of 8.4 million and 8.52 as metropolitan population, Bangalore is the third most populated city in India. It is situated over 3000 ft above sea level. The economy of Bangalore's metropolitan is around $83 Billion. Bangalore having companies like Infosys, TCS, Wipro, HAL etc is been also said to be the IT hub of India. The economy of Bangalore's metropolitan is around $83 Billion.

3. Kolkata


Kolkata is situated on the bank of Hooghly river. It is the capital of West Bengal. With the city having population of 4.5 million and its suburb area is 14.1 million, Kolkata is the third most populous metropolitan area of India. The GDP of the city has jumped from $60 to $150 billion and is ranked third in population.

2. Delhi


The capital of the country, Delhi has a population over 16.8 million which makes it be the 3rd largest city in terms of population. It is also the largest commercial center in Northern India and has a GDP of almost $167 billion to $370 billion. After Mumbai Delhi is the second most wealthiest city in whole India. Delhi is a home of 18 billionaires and 230000 millionaires having gross wealth of $450 billion.

1. Mumbai


Mumbai formerly known as Bombay is the capital of state of Maharashtra. With an estimated population of 18.4 million, Mumbai is the most populated city in the country and is also the most expensive city to stay on. The overall population of Mumbai is just around 21.3 million and also has a GDP of almost $368 billion.

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