These 10 Will Be The Safest Countries To Resort If World War Three Breaks Out

Published on: 14/04/18 3:24 PM

Horacio Villegas is a self-styled mystic. He makes some weird predictions that nobody can believe. Once he had predicted the rise of Donald Trump and that came true. Now his new prediction has thrilled the world. He has predicted that World War III will begin on 13th May.

The mystic has seen a dream in which balls of fire were destroying our planet. He firmly believes that he saw nuclear weapons destroying many cities and inhabitants. Yes, it is a frightening news if you believe in predictions.

Is there any chance of survival if World War III breaks out? Yes, you can survive if you reside or take shelter in any of the 10 safest countries in the world. Those countries are as follows:

1. Fij

World war 3 -safest country in case of nuclear war


Fiji is a beautiful Island Nation, located deep in the Pacific Ocean. Though it is a small nation, its remote situation makes it a great shelter if any major war erupts. Fiji has always been neutral. It has maintained a good relationship with all the foreign countries.

2. Malta

It would be very costly for any country to attack Malta for no reason. Its distal situation in the Mediterranean sea and size would never lure any country. Malta is a safe place to spend a few days or months until the war ends.

3. Ireland

Ireland’s independent policy has always protected it against warmongering countries. Its long-standing military neutrality makes it one of the safest nations to shelter if World War III breaks out.

4. Denmark

Denmark might never indulge in a war, even if it is World War III. The invader will have to take the conflict through Europe to this nation. Why would any country do that just to attack a country that is politically not aligned?

5. Chile

Always rewarded as South America’s most prosperous and stable nation, Chile would be a great destination to spend time while there is nuclear crisis across the globe.

6. Iceland

Whether you are planning to spend a memorable vacation or seeking shelter, Iceland is a great country. It does not share land borders with other countries. Its neutral behavior on the foreign platform makes it a safe nation for the stay.

7. Bhutan


world war 3- safest place on earth from nuclear fallout


Bhutan is a paradise for you if you want to live a healthy and peaceful life. Though Bhutan shares its borders with India and China, it has never indulged in a conflict with any of its neighbors. It will be a scenic location to take a shelter during the world war type situation.

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