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These 11 Indian Comic Superheroes Will Make You Re-Live Your Childhood

Published on: 26/09/17 5:16 PM

Thank You So Much For Making My Childhood Really Special!

1. Bankelal


Bankelal is a fictional comic character published by Raj Comics. It is one of the most entertaining characters and is also known as Hasya Samrat, the king of comedy. He is the one with the evil mind, who always plan mischief. He was a  blessing of Lord Shiva to his mother 'Gulabati'. Not only this, he also got a curse from Lord Shiva that whenever Bankelal tries to harm anyone then the person in return gets blessed by good results. He has a comical face with Charlie Chaplin styled moustache and two bugs bunny kinda teeth coming out. All this makes him look hilarious and grabs the readers attention.

2. Chacha Chaudhary - Sabu


Chacha Chaudhary aka Chacha Ji is a middle-class Indian with intelligent features. He is neither a muscleman nor he possesses any superpower but instead uses his sharp mind to solve problems of others. It is said that his brain works faster than a supercomputer and sharper than a needle. The appearance of Chacha Chaudhary can make anyone go crazy to know about him. Talking about Chacha Chaudhary's look - he is having a big white moustache, a red turban on his head, wooden stick in his hand, a black waistcoat with a double inner pocket, and a pocket watch. 

Accompanying him one more character added humour to this comic. He is Sabu, who is an alien from planet Jupiter and is always faithful towards Chacha Ji. Sabu's huge body and enormous power help Chacha Chaudhary in solving various cases.

3. Nagraj


Nagraj is a fictional character from Raj comics. He is the son of King Takshakraj and Queen Lalita but due to some reasons, his upbringing was done by King Maniraj and queen Manika who were the rulers of ageless ichchhadhaari naags living in Nagdweep, an invisible island. He is the most powerful superhero of the Raj comics world. Nagraj possess huge arsenal of powers which make him powerful enough to counter the attack of any character of the comics world. Nagraj's blood is a made up of the mixture of venom, red blood cells and minute snakes. He is having a superpower to release these snakes through his hands according to his wish. 

4. Kobi or Bhediya


Kobi is a fictional character by Raj Comics. He was the son of a King of wolf named, Wolfa and Rajkumari Survaiya. Due to some reason Survaiya cursed Kobi and he got transformed into a gold statue. Now, after a span of fifty years the curse on Kobi got broken and he turned back into Bheriya. He is a Tall, soaring guy, with long tail and growing eyes. He was a saviour of his native forests and due to this his natives praise him just like god. Bheriya is a master of ancient tricks and skills of fighting and has got a long tail whose length can be increase and decrease according to his wish.

5. Doga


Doga is a fictional character, also a superhero of Indian comic books by Raj comics. Doga is considered to be among the three most popular comic leading characters. Doga's childhood name was Suraj. Suraj was an orphan and got deeply affected by the cruelties done on him during his childhood. Later Suraj decided to fight against evil and due to this he concealed his identity behind a dog mask. Doga was a  sharp-eyed person who believed in eradicating the problem rather than solving it. He didn't follow the law and rules and regulations because in his opinion the whole system is corrupt. 

6. Tiranga


Another superhero from Indian Comic world is Tiranga aka Abay Deshpande. His attire is similar to the tricolour of Indian Flag. He uses his highly advanced tri-coloured shield for protecting the nation as well as civilians from the criminal elements. He is the one who does not have any superpower instead he uses a shield for protecting himself. He is very intelligent with sharp mind. His poetic dialogues make him more popular. Satyaprakash and Mansi are the aliases who support him during his various missions.

This comic really raise the feeling of patriotism among people.

7. Parmanu


Parmanu is a fictional superhero of Raj Comics world. He was known as Vinay during his childhood. The most attracting thing about Parmanu was his costume that gave him supernatural powers. He could fly up to a speed of 4000 km/hr and can fire atomic bolts from his chest. The gadget on his wrist can fire a reel of atomic rope. His belt helps him to teleport, atomize, and reduce his size to any level. He used a button on his belt to do such activities. All these things make the character more interesting.

8. Super Commando Dhruv


Dhruv Mehra AKA Super commando Dhruv is also one of the fictional superheroes of Raj Comics world. His attire includes a yellow and sky blue costume along with brown boots and a star-shaped buckle on his utility belt. One of the most unusual thing about Super commando Dhruv is that he does not possess any superpower and also do not hide his face with any kind of mask. Even though he has no superpower then also because of his unparalleled willpower, intellect, detective skills, scientific knowledge, acrobatic skills, and his ability to talk to animals present him as a superhero of the Indian comics world.

9. Inspector Steel


Inspector Amar AKA Inspector Steel is a fictional character of Raj Comics World. The characterization is as similar to Robocop. In an accident Inspector Amar lost some of major parts of his body. In order to save his life, his friend Professor Anees performed an operation and placed his brain in a mechanical body; which made him a Cyborg. Inspector Steel is made up of ICs, armour plating, electronic wizardry & various weapon systems. This makes him a powerful and heavily armoured cyborg. He is also well equipped with the full automatic mega gun capable of firing rockets and bullets and built-in scanners, lie detectors, fax etc. 

10. Bhokal


Bhokal's real name is Raj Kumar Alop or Prince Alop. He is a winged warrior prince of Parilok also known as fairyland. He came down to earth and landed to Vikasnagar to participate in a fighting tournament. Bhokal possess a power of his teacher, Mahaguru Bhokal. Just by shouting his name 'Jai Mahaguru Bhokal' he gets superhuman power along with a mystical sword and shield of his teacher. The sword is capable of cutting almost any element of the world and also emits fire whenever needed. The shield is well enough to counter the supernatural attacks and also provides him with the power to fly.

11. Yoddha


Yoddha is a comic character by Raj Comics. He is a son of both a god and a demon and is the greatest warrior of his time. Yoddha came to the modern world from the ancient age. He posses incredible strength and unparalleled fighting skills. He is having a multipurpose weapon also known as Dhaknamaghan. He fights against the evils of the present modern world and side by side tries to explore the truth of his origin. 

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