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These 25 Photos Will Prove That Indians Are An Ultimate Jugaad King

Published on: 4/10/17 6:13 PM

1. Pay for General and get comfort of Sleeper

2. Indian Raliways Parcel system

3. Have you heard of a Tear proof Helmet.

4. Its Tea Time

5. Can You guess? Selfie or Shaving

6. Modern chulha

7. Ye Aaaram ka maamla hai.

8. Fully Secured

9. Part time business

10. All-Out

11. Play chess with Nuts and Bolts

12. Actually Harley Davidson copied from them

13. Espresso coffee

14. Kachua Jalao Macchar bhagao

15. Home made car simulator.

16. Incredible India

17. Thanda Thanda cool cool

18. Now this is known as Assembled PC with super cooling system.

19. India on strike

20. Yummy Innovation - Golmaal in Gol-Gappey

21. Split AC

22. Indo + Western = Indo western style

23. Highly Secured chappals - Termple thieves beware

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